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Postby MGV12 » Mon May 12, 2008 7:51 am

thaifly wrote:
udon wrote:Hi ThaiFly.

Where are you? :lol:
GIDDAY UDON.....its the thaifly from mae rim.....who has arrived in COOLONGGATTA...GOLD COAST..LAST FRIDAY.... after spending 5 days at COOLUM BEACH.....will be at cooly until next sunday then onto C/MAI...with my BRAINS CLEANED OUT with the best REDS AVAILABLE all prepared to go into BATTLE again...and yes TO THE GREAT JAZZMAN the lamb cutlets are superb......and congrats to C.T.H member KEN. ON man untd e.p.l victory.... udon do u need any help?????? only to happy to help.....its A COOLONGATTA GIDDAY TO ALL its the thaifly from mae rim

Apologies for being off-post Dozer but the Premiership title is important business to some of us!
Gidday mate - good to hear from you ThaiFly and many thanks for the congrats -- my man Ryan Giggs was magnificent and well deserved to get the clinching goal. Your boys in blue gave us a tight run and maybe a draw was better than losing the title on goal difference. Looking forward to Moscow and catching up with you when you get back. It's toodle pip for now from a very wet ChiangMai
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Re: Roof Insulation, Eaves and Colorbond

Postby AussieBoy » Sat Jul 26, 2008 2:23 pm

Welcome all you DDDH"s ( dorks dykes and doodleheads )

Why use Foil insulation under your roof, it will add to the reflection of the heat, keeps the ceiling cooler throught less radiant heat, But if you have good R value bulk ceiling insulation 100mm thick, then on a 0.3 BMT (base metal thickness) BHP high tensile 550 MPa zincalume Bluescope Steel colourbond roof, there is very little difference inside the home, in the roof space there is a BIG difference, if you have roof vents the the heat will escape, and if no vents the heat will continue downwards to the ceiling, first through the 100mm bulk, then through the 10mm gypsum ceiling, and maybe a suspended ceiling space,

So applying good quality insulation foil under the roof fitted with a full metal roof sheeting , and plenty of roof vents, and bulk insulation to the ceiling, is a rolls royce finish, that makes bugger all difference to the inside of the home, BUT don't bulk insulate and no roof vents , then there is a difference

The above applies to full metal jacket roofing long run.

Now for those of you sexpats keeping up with the Jones, using the filthy concrete, fibre cement, or terra cotta heavy heat obsorbing, every Tom dick and Harry uses them roof tiles then you NEED the prefered fibre reinforced reflective foil insulation. As compulsory in Oz. the term is Blowback!

It's not what the GF/ wife gives you on a Sunday morning relaxing in bed, The term blowback is when the wind blows back the dirt, rain smoke ETC up the roof and through the joins in the roof tiling , what ever the product is, and onto the ceiling, over time it builds up, and water will get to the ceiling level, especially here in high humidity torrent rain Thailand. Must be used on a roof when installing anything other than long run no join metal roofs, the fact it helps with insulation is secondary, to many call backs as a builder fixing wet dirty spots in ceilings, so it is by law here we must use it as part of the building code.

Use it and you ceiling space will be cleaner and no blowback problems, for me would never think of not putting it in a tiled roof, But it is your choice weather you solve a problem before it happens, or never get to solve the problem and live with the wet patch results.

It was a major complaint from home owners and not being able to fix the problem, that it became compulsory to install Blowback foil sheet to tiled roofs, nothing to do with insulation requirements.

I used 100mm thich ceiling insulation on my own home in UDON ... 47&start=0

Master Builder Queensland
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Re: Roof Insulation, Eaves and Colorbond

Postby Nawty » Sat Jul 26, 2008 5:52 pm

nothing wrong with a good wet patch.
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Re: Roof Insulation, Eaves and Colorbond

Postby AussieBoy » Sun Jul 27, 2008 7:21 pm

A good <inappropriate comments removed> :shock:
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Re: Roof Insulation, Eaves and Colorbond

Postby udon » Thu Aug 28, 2008 8:29 am

Hi aussieboy.

Thanks for posting the link to your project.
Is it finished yet.?

Pix of finished house?

(new forum s/ware... no one told me, I'm hurt) :(

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