hey ho let's go

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hey ho let's go

Postby chakayan » Fri Mar 02, 2018 3:57 am

hi I'm dave, a typically blunt new yorker, easily persuaded by facts but seldom by opinions. in 2006 i decided i had had enough of working outside in nyc winter weather and went to thailand for 6 weeks. the trip was enough of a success that I've visited ever winter since then, for 2-5 months each time. around 2008 i decided to buy a bicycle and follow the Mekong River from sakhon nakhon to the sea at Vietnam. second best thing i ever did in my life! I've since cycled extensively though dozens of Thai provinces as well as other countries of s.e.asia.
the best thing i ever did in my life was to finally marry my thai girlfriend, whom i had known since 2010, and bring her to usa in 2016. she formerly worked for a company that built prefab concrete moo baan houses for Thai yuppies in the bkk suburbs, so we can actually have somewhat informed discussions relating to the house we may someday build in Thailand. she is Thai of course so the where and when of that building change 3 times a day. this is not a problem as we don't have the finances right now anyway.... one scenario was find a decent sized piece of land and build a very small haus for her mom on it, and then eventually a second one for us, a garden, some fruit trees... not sure if we can pull that off in a moo baan, but because of her mother's age and health not sure if there is any other way.

I've been quite excited to discover this websight, i already have an interest in energy efficient buildings, but most information i find online is about strategies for cold weather climates. I've had many happy hours of reading already, and look forward to being a part of community.
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Re: hey ho let's go

Postby canopy » Fri Mar 02, 2018 7:45 am

My first tip for anyone cycling in Thailand is to immediately invest in a nice rear view mirror. I am sure you have one. Roads are so dangerous here and right of way is based on mass. I prefer keeping off the roads and mountain biking the backwoods trails of the Phetchabun mountains.

It's great to hear you are easily persuaded by facts as this is surprisingly unusual. People here come from different backgrounds and experiences and along with some facts and useful information they also have substantial biases that need factually evaluated. For instance, you will find people opt for many various wall systems including cavity walls, but I was convinced by the thermal performance figures that thick AAC blocks were best.

But the main advice I would offer to building a home here is that protecting your house from noise is far more important than protecting it from heat. While the latter can be solved with a flick of an air conditioner switch, the former cannot. There's the village speaker system to rudely awaken you in the morning, the kids on ultra-noise modified motorcycles gunning by at full throttle, the village drunks setting up speakers outdoors at full volume pointed right at you when you want to sleep, the schools blaring outdoor speakers at you all day long, the temple speakers systems so loud they can reach every nook and cranny for miles. And however good or bad it is today, you have to plan for tomorrow when it all gets worse as the country develops and continues this unfortunate misuse of technology.
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