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Nong Khai build

Postby Geoffnongkhai » Sun Jan 21, 2018 9:21 am

Newby intro. I left UK a long while ago, married here for 8 years but still working & travelling in Asia. We have already built 3 boxes in Tha Bo for my wife and two sisters so I have some idea on the local way of building (some of it is clever, not all of it is bad). We will start our house in September, on 2 Rai, just outside Tha Bo. Thanks for the very Informative web site and lots of experience and photos.
We just had the house plans approved by city hall and I am still needing psycho-therapy on the questions of roof tile or metal sheet, will the septic tank be large enough and yes, we do need 3 pin sockets with an Earth.
We will use a local builder, honest man and family friend, take time and no rush. House is single story, 1 meter above ground level and open space below, cavity wall using 7.5 Celcon, local made metal windows and security bars and probably SCG truss roof and tiles. Still toying with the idea of PU foam spray for the roof and need to go to Phrae to find 22 doors and a set of front doors.
Looking forward to starting !
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Re: Nong Khai build

Postby ajarnudon » Tue May 15, 2018 10:33 pm

Welcome to the forum Geoff. I think our builds have something in common. I have a split-level design with the front porch, kitchen and main bathroom being slab on ground and the two bedrooms, living room and rear deck elevated 80 cm via a five tread stairway. My elevated area will use pre-stressed concrete planks (pan puen) with a 6 - 7 cm concrete topping - is this what you have in mind? And 22 doors - how many rooms are you planning on? I am also using cavity walls for most of my build. Not only do they hide ugly plumbing and wiring, but they are also very forgiving with with things you may have forgotten first time around - or retro fitting with new ideas later.
My build has just seen the roof go on this week, and is at Ban Thueam on Hwy 2021 in Ban Phue district - about 50 kms by road from Tha Bo. Best of luck, and keep the posts coming. You might like to consider parallel posts on the Land and Building Forum on - you might pick up some local knowledge there about suppliers etc.
Regards, John
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