Planing my Korat Built

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Planing my Korat Built

Postby NIKKI5 » Sun Nov 08, 2015 10:28 am


Im from Europe and living in Thailand for a few years ( Rented ) Now im moving to korat to stay in a borrowed room of family of my wife, next to the land we just buyed there. So now in planing and researching to learn as much as possible. Let me share some of my keypoints for my project.

- Since im living next to the lot for building i plan to do some on hands management with help of my wife and one foreman. Then hire the needed work force, all payed daily rates (B300-B600)

- Im planing for a single storey with lots of roofing, i belive that will give me better tempered house: 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms, etc

- For getting less heating issues i also was plan to use: 7 cm blocks or red blocks as double build walls. : Steelroofing with light roof tiles, isolated under tiles and isolated ceiling

- I have a budget idea around 2 million bath for house and walls around the lot. Im also playing with the idea of a DIY pool at around B300k for swimming, and adding sollar energy for B200k

Still planing and researching and learning...This is where it is now

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