Greetings from Belgium

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Greetings from Belgium

Postby Trikke76 » Sun Dec 21, 2014 6:09 pm

Hi my name is Patrik
I live together with my GF in Belgium who i have met 6y ago in Thailand

We bought this year some ground +-7.2 Rai in her village not to far and yet far enough from her family :)

We cleaned up the first rai and put some ground to be at the same level of the street. We probably let it settle for the next year.

In that time i will be wandering around the forum for information.
We will probably ask some company to build the structure of the house like fundamentals, roof and walls and do the rest by our self later
As we both not live there and have to rely on her sister to supervise it's probably the best way.

Later when we go to Thailand we can work in the house by our selves or hire people we have plenty of time to finish the house as we are both mid 30.

Would be great if someone has experience with building companies around Nakhon Phanom more specific in PlaPak district.

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Re: Greetings from Belgium

Postby pipoz » Tue Dec 23, 2014 7:32 pm

Hi Patrik and welcome

I am not exactly in your neck of the woods, but I am over in Udon Thani and am doing something similar with my Build, as I am not living in Thailand, yet. Have a look at my build story, under "Your Build Story - Udon Thani Happy House", as it may be of interest to you.

I had a Contractor (so called Builder) do my structure, from footings to the concrete roof beam level, and then move on to engage HOMEMART direct, to do the next Package, namely the whole roof package (frame, insulation & tiling) separately. That got me a roof over my head or Sala.

The Structure took 30 days from start to finish, (Picture attached) then after, was an eight week gap to allow me to pop back and check the structure works, select my roof tiles and then for to HOMEMART organized themselves to start the roof frame -tiles. By end of month four, the Roof was on/complete.

Then I moved onto the next Trade (Block Walls and Render), which is just nearly finished and the team of six, travel from Buriram to Udon Thani, to do this part of the work.They work for 2-3 weeks at a time, have a break and go home form a couple of weeks and then come back again.

In all, I will take me about a year to finally finish (as I am in no hurry) and only fly back in every two months. One step/trade at a time and I have more control over what I want and what I get quality wise, plus I make any adjustment to my design as I go along. For me it works.

PS. My TG oversaw the process and sent me pictures each day

Hope this helps

Day 30 Front View 01 11 June.jpg
Day 30 Structure Complete
Day 117 Front View - 17 Sept 2014 - 2.jpg
Day 117 Roof Complete
Day 117 Rear View - 17 Sept 2014.jpg
Day 117 Roof Complete
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Re: Greetings from Belgium

Postby Trikke76 » Sun Dec 28, 2014 1:42 am

Hi pipoz

Nice to see it worked out for you.
I will not be able to go back every 2 months but my sis in law can make and send pictures and supervise the works.

I will probably do the same more or less as you and attack the home mart my self.

As i want a small guesthouse for friends or family to stay later i will probably start with this. This gives me the oportunity to test things out with materials.
It will also give me the oportunity to see how working with people from her familly works out. And it gives us the advantage to have a roof once we start with serious building sutff.

I already had a look at your building story and it looks great. I will be lucky if it works out same it did for you.

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