Do I have to....really?

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Do I have to....really?

Postby eyecatcher » Sat Nov 22, 2014 5:32 pm

I am somewhat annoyed with myself for not coming across this site at all in the last 4yrs. Found it last week and probably read 100 topics much to the dismay of the wife who thought that with my interest I must be watching porn or something!
I am up in Chiang Mai, moved here 4 years ago straight out of blighty; sold up, and put all the eggs in one basket well it seemed like going back...must make a success of myself.
I found an empty unit, and renovated it single handedly for 3 months and it became my spa.Very very pleased with the success there 3yrs on. The Gf at the time was pressganged into becoming my receptionist and then last year she bought our house. Typical Thai style wood house built on 8 tree legs.; I thinks its wonderful.
Now we would like to extend it. The extension will be bigger than the house but the challenge is to almost replicate the style but in modern materials.
I drew the plans last year, then had them converted to CAD for the bods at the local office to understand. the irony is, that now they are all on CAD I walk everywhere with my original pencilled plans, as I dont trust anyone to even copy my drawings.
So,the wife took the drawings to the office, paid her 80bt fee and three weeks later, there were all red stamped as approved, excellent.
I will convey the story of my trials and tribulations starting very soon. You see I am not coming into this blind; my background is a jack of all trades in construction from Building surveyor to quantity surveyor from architectural draughtsman to building project manager; and even in Thailand i have helped a few guys out here with land surveys, structural surveys and interior design I am set in my ways; can be quite bombastic; and my peoples skills are lacking; add that to the fact that my Thai language is basic and I am going to have one hell of a ride getting my project completed.
will be definately looking for advice on diplomacy skills with Thais as well as construction techniques and ideas here.

the big Eye.
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Re: Do I have to....really?

Postby Mike Judd » Sat Nov 22, 2014 8:06 pm

"Well you would have already found out after 4 years here, deplomancy is all well and good as far as not pissing off any one that you might want to rely on for what ever reason, but most Thai's think we are mad with our demands on wanting things done right anyway, so you just have to stick to your guns and they get the message in the end, especially if they want you to keep paying them. You would also know by now that if you want them to follow your instuctions , be the, as even the best of them have a bad habit of reverting to THEIR WAY , which is usually the easy way. Very frustrating , but T.I.T.
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