Martin dreams of a house in Trang

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Martin dreams of a house in Trang

Postby mrogan » Thu May 05, 2005 5:48 pm


I'm Martin, currently living in Guildford, UK, with my wife Aye and our 18 month old daughter Amelia. Top of our list of things to spend money on is a small house in Wangviset village, near Lampura just north of Trang city. We (she) has some land already, but it's not quite big enough for the veranda I had in mind :cry: .

I'd love to hear from anybody in the area with architect or builder recommendations. Also, does anybody know of a big DIY store? I'm willing to travel! One where I could buy such things as American style fawcets (sp? we call them taps in English!). The Tesco-Lotus store is great for price, but the range is limited in the DIY department, although they're starting to stock British and American made tools now, rather than the ubiquitous Thai pliers that do not entitely close.

I've spent days in the past trying to locate i.e. specific hinges. The hinges available seem to be either small, medium or large. No options for stainless or anything other than flat internals; the result... we had to hang the door on the opposite side of the wall to what we wanted, we cannot open it more than 90 degrees, we have to "lock" it with a hook, and 6 months later the hinges are rusting.

Not that it's all bad. After trudging around the city for 2 days trying to find plastic guttering that I could install on my mother-in-law's house, I was finally directed to an aluminium guttering team that turned up the same afternoon and installed 15 metres of the most beautiful, sturdy guttering I have ever seen, and at a price so low I have forgotten what it was! So I am learning how things get done, but I still need the reassurance of a big DIY store. Something along the lines of Home Depot or B&Q, albiet with a touch of Thai.

Chog dee,



Postby dozer » Thu May 05, 2005 10:14 pm

Tesco is a good place to buy dog food, fruit and fresh fish, but forget it will respect to anything to do with home building. I don't live in your area, but just to let you know how it is around here, Pattaya, there are a number of upscale building supply stores. There is a rather new HomePro, which has the most selection and is great for browsing, another huge builders store along the same lines, and then a number of smaller 'homemart' stores which carry quality products. I would think there would be something similar there, at least as far as the homemart stores go. If desperation sets in you could always make a trip to the nearest HomePro store listed here: By the way I normally get ideas from homepro and am able to find the same or similar quality stuff cheaper at other places.

good luck on your project!
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