Adelaide to Wangsubhung

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Adelaide to Wangsubhung

Postby DBS » Sun Nov 24, 2013 11:31 pm

Hi Everyone,

My name is Darren and i'm 42. I've been in and out of Thailand for a bit over 2 years. Would classify it as living in Thailand as working fly in fly out spent all my R&R in Thailand with my partner Aom.
Personally Im not in any hurry to build a house although my partner has now advised me that her mother has stated she will give her 3 Rai to build on. As we are expecting a baby in April my partner feels pressure from the community/culturemaybe family (mother) to have her own house however I suspect this is because of their funny ideas about hi and low and farang no do for you etc etc which im not going to buy into (anymore lol). Im really over this type of thinking and will not be pressured to do for family just so they /things look good.
Our plan was for my partner to come to Australia once she finished her Diploma in Sept. and work. My partner still wants to come to Aust asap but obviously the addition of a baby will limit her ability to work.
At this stage my priority with regard to building would be improvements on my partners family home as the economics of building a new house in Thailand 'for the baby' as my partner says is just rediculous espesially as we are going to live in Aust. for the foreseable future to get finances in order.
Ive had a bit of a red of some of the topic and no doubt i'll pose some questions and add some comments in the future.
Glad I found the Forum and I look forward to learn for other members knowlege and experiences.


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Re: Adelaide to Wangsubhung

Postby Mike Judd » Mon Nov 25, 2013 5:01 am

Hi Darren, All of what you talk about depends solely on your finances. Most people at 42 have established themselves to some extent financially, but circumstances can change that for various reasons. Building in Thailand can be incredibly cheap, especially if you stick to Thai methods and style with just a little upgrade in the bathroom facilities. Starting with the Land, if you are getting that given you, depending on whether it needs a lot filling etc; that could be half your costs. My build which is all to western standards cost $60,000 so far and half of the cost was land /filling and walls. Depending on where you intend finishing up living, Thailand or Oz ? you are a bit young to retire yet and I wouldn't dream of trying to make a living in Thailand unless you have some specialised skills where you think it would work. Quite a lot to Mull over though,nice to have somewhere comfortable to stay if frequent trips are on the cards, women get home sick easily. Good luck.!
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Re: Adelaide to Wangsubhung

Postby geordie » Mon Nov 25, 2013 2:32 pm

Thai women seem to regard what we call home as a golden parachute case the relationship fails but also bow to peer pressure from not only family but friends as well I was more than happy paying peanuts for a rental house for ten years I was actually paying (still am ) more for a lock up garage uk
Now living here I have been with my wife in uk for 12 years and although still a certain amount of mistrust at her motives we have purchased property here but primarily because I wanted to give her a sense of security not to satisfy the needs of others who insisted why you have farrang husband and no house ???
A few years ago I did replace her mothers house with a more updated construction basically as a more comfortable place to holiday but looking at what they have done to the place it was money down the drain sorry I do not have the Thai ability to completely ignore filth so do not visit luckily my wife in uk learnt that its not too much of a hardship to clean the place up so happily the home is clened daily
Even the room we built for ""US"" at MIL,s house is uninhabitable as far as I am concerned having filled the house with crap donated by others every room is like a junk store my garden shed has more order to it
Taking your wife to Aus will teach her to appreciate more what she has and maybe if she is desperate to own a property do the same as mike build over a period of time that suits you and your wallet just bear in mind a holiday here with family can make a world cruise look cheap at times
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