My short blurb

A blurb about who you are an your interest in Thai real estate.

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My short blurb

Postby bucatini » Wed Jul 17, 2013 4:21 pm

Hi all I'm Lee, from USA, I've been in Thailand for the last 10 years, 8 of them in Bangkok. I completely gutted and renovated a smallish 2 story townhouse in Lat Prao, it was planned by myself and most of the work (heavy lifting) done by Thai guy and his family that I would consider reliable. I flipped it the next year and purchased a newly built town home shell, only a bit farther down Lat Prao, altered the build somewhat, replaced all the low quality junk normally found in these shells and generally improved it with the same team. I plan on sitting on this one for about another year until they resurface the street, city informs me (only today) that the contract for this work has been signed. While waiting for this to happen - yawn...we picked up about 200 sqw of land just outside Hua Hin - with an eye on another 150 sqw of yet unavailable land directly abutting us. We won't be able to build on this piece for about a year but I like to plan and have no idea of how to build from scratch, no contacts in that neck of the woods, so will be leaning on this forum for information - it looks like I found a good place to start!
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Re: My short blurb

Postby BKKBILL » Wed Jul 17, 2013 7:31 pm

Welcome, and good luck. Remember we like pictures. :mrgreen:
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