Compacting land

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Re: Compacting land

Postby Mike Judd » Sun Nov 06, 2011 11:28 am

My land near Khon Kaen had 2,000 truck loads to level it all to the road from about 1 mt down, but I left it for a few years so it was well settled when I started building. My only problem was that I wasn't there when their did it as my partner was there. Now we have found that the big drainage pipes that were put in under the crossing as normal, were not watched enough when dumping the initial soil onto them, and some must have come apart at the joints. Now years later holes are appearing along the line of the pipes, where soil is getting washed through the obvious gapes that are down under the ground.
One day I might have to dig them all up and re position them, in the mean time one big hole right in the drive way had to be dug out down to the gap where I covered it with some sheeting and poured surplus concrete over it. All a bit of a pain and so un-neccessary.
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Re: Compacting land

Postby otis-a » Sun Nov 06, 2011 12:31 pm

it may get you there without digging out your pipes. A driller once told me of a nasty situation where they pumped kotex's downhole. Bags of cottonseed hulls have always worked for me. Basically, anything to start a bridge head, rags, tree-branches. Once a good bridgehead is established then a light cement, so as to not collapse the initial bridge. Then a final heavy cement to make a final plug.
We had to dig out pipes hereas they were not burried deep enuf. The crown created a nasty mud hole. I see all thru our village instances of crowning, followed by nasty mud pit where water sets up behinds the crown dam.
Another recent Case in point, next road down, they just dug up and reburried deeper a set of drain pipes.
Spent countless hours after our snafu showing necessity of and correcting to get continious downward slope. If was not right there, when setting pipe, what i get? A redig job.
Also like u experience, is just too easy to let truck dump pipe. It takes some effort to set em up joined- even worse, as one board member pointed out, if they lay from male to female end- correct as he stated is run male to female- last laid end has male sticking out.
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Re: Compacting land

Postby elgato » Fri Nov 25, 2011 10:58 am

Anything more about compacting land (as in the OP) or do we continue with basements and tampons? :lol:
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