Seeking Builder recommendations

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Re: Seeking Builder recommendations

Postby Thai Dhupp » Mon May 08, 2017 8:10 pm

Klondyke wrote:
kmanonmaui wrote:
My best recommendation, if it is possible for you, is:
1) Figure out what is possible and not possible as far as materials and local worker's skill set (I've had to adjust mine a lot along my journey, which is only about 1/4 done so far);
2) Get some solid recommendations from others as far as "builders", pick one and discuss time-frames, etc. with them.
3) Bring someone from your own country on holiday for 3-6 months that has building experience and have them oversee ALL day to day operations.

So far, I have not been able to achieve #3, and my building experience is on the border of helping and hurting, mainly because I have had the same expectations of a build in Thailand as I have had in the US. Had I read more threads and not been so sure of myself I would have been more of a help than a burden on my building so far. Hoping I can do a turn-about going forward.

Ad 1) there is a great choice nowadays here.
Ad 2) sure some recommendations and references are always OK. Time frame? We are in LOS.
Ad 3) I do not think it is workable. Somebody who does not have an experience with people of LOS and all the circumstances around can hardly achieve that.

Hi Klondyke... yep... i have no illusions about timescales!! having been in BKK for 4 years between the work, i know how deadlines slip 'with a smile' and i am prepared for it. the main thing is not to pressure too much and end up with a even worse job that expected. we have the same problem here on my job in UAE. a multi national work force that sometimes rush under pressure and we end up re doing it.

I would like some / any/'one, even' recommendation!! Let's see if anyone can report on a good job well done for me to check into. I would like to bring some one from UAE to oversee the work but it's simply not practical -they are getting paid 2-3 times here what they could make in LOS, plus free food and accommodation. Definitely do not want to upset the day rate apple cart in Chonburi!
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Re: Seeking Builder recommendations

Postby Thai Dhupp » Thu May 11, 2017 2:11 pm

So... to update... I am off to UK tonight, followed by a flight to Thailand to start the land raising, before the rains come.

The plot itself is already on higher ground and has never flooded before but let's not take any chances!

At the same time we will be pursuing a couple of local leads for those elusive builders! Hopefully we will have a productive time.

I think, once I have the pix of the land raising, I better start a building thread properly, right ?(can anyone confirm?) I can't do an entire build under the heading 'seeking builder recommendations'!

If so, where am I putting such a thread? Under the Eastern region OR under construction?
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