One floor or two?

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One floor or two?

Postby Ankrit Farang » Sat Jun 23, 2007 11:09 pm

I am planning to build a house near Hua Hin on a 2.5 Rai piece of land we already purchesed. Plenty of space obviously, but how much sense does it make economically to build two storeys as opposed to one floor?
I see an obvious saving in roof cost and area of foudations but does anyone know the comparative cost of the two options?
On the subject of an upper floor ( I want to capitalise on the views) is a timber joisted floor a a valid option ? I am not keen on having a concrete floor unless it is really essential. I also plant have my ground floor about one metre above ground level but I would anticipate that being concrete costruction to combat knawing insects etc.
Advise would be appreciated. Thanks all.
Ankrit Farang
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Re: One floor or two?

Postby jazzman » Sat Jul 12, 2008 12:18 pm

Ankrit has chosen his model and started building, but for anyone else looking for a suggestion to his questions, the answers depend entirely on how much the budget is, the size of the house (number of rooms, bathrooms, kitchens etc. and the sq/ m; interior living space), and how important it is to make any significant savings.
It does not always follow that a smaller roof over two storeys is cheaper than a larger roof over a bungalow. You are not cramped for space on your land, and as you a re considering raising the ground floor 1 m anyway, personally I would consider a nice big bungalow with a terrace on a partially flat roof.
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