How we limited corner cutting

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How we limited corner cutting

Postby dozer » Tue Feb 20, 2007 3:20 pm

FROM ROD (submitted via feedback form)
Something else you can do to limit corner cutting is to employ a private building inspector. These guys can be onsite for you all day, every day, keeping an eye on what materials the builders are using and how they're using them. Again, of course, try to get references if you're thinking of hiring one. Ours wasn't always onsite when we showed up, or was asleep! They could even 'come to an arrangement' with the builder, too, of course!!!

We built our house with a bank loan and the builder was paid in four instalments on completion of inspections by the bank's surveyor. We got some peace of mind from this, but other things we witnessed were frankly horrifying. We ended up spending all our free time onsite, looking out for things.
One example of timesaving was bricklaying without 'perps' (the cement between ends of bricks). I made them take a whole wall down and start again. After that episode they behaved themselves for a while, but as soon as our backs were turned they were at it again. A concrete lintel above patio doors was cast with a vertical thickness of only 2.5-3 inches (over a 3 metre span). They were in the process of rendering in over when I spotted it. "Time for some more public humiliation," I thought to myself and called the contractor over. I reached up and pulled the lintel down with one hand, breaking it in the middle.

It's a sad fact but I think the only way to keep Thai corner cutters in check is to embarass them (and praise the good work, too.)

To sum up, if you're going to build a house in Thailand, learn to speak a bit of Thai first, be prepared to spend all your waking hours worrying and lose a lot of sleep, too, and say goodbye to your social life for the duration. Good luck.
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