Renovate or demolish and build from new?

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Renovate or demolish and build from new?

Postby Itchy » Sun Dec 06, 2015 5:22 pm

Here's a question for you all.

After long years of being otherwise engaged the time is at last approaching for me to move back to Thailand, not as an in the past as expat working in O&G but as a gentlemen of leisure.

I of course have a project in mind. I've had it in mind for over a decade now, indeed as I reported at the time, my wife and I bought our house on the 23rd of August 2004.

When I say house, we actually bought what we thought was an overgrown orchard only to discover we had also bought a house hidden in the trees, a fact that revealed itself when we came to cut the trees down.

The house and land have been rented out to a Thai family for most of the time since we bought it but as mentioned above I expect to soon be moving back to Thailand and to start 'doing something' with the house.

A question I have is, will I actually like living there. I've spent almost 20 years living and working in Thailand in the Chonburi area were we have an apartment, but I have never lived for any long period in the northern town where our house is. This question impacts my choices of what to do with the house.

My first thought is to make a very simple renovation:

Plan A Part 1.
Build a bathroom, shower with hot water, western toilet - comfortable but not over the top investment.
Build a kitchen, work tops, tiled and practical western style - again not an over the top investment.
Knock all the ground floor walls down and replace with Q-block and good quality doors and windows
Tile the ground floor floors
Strip the upper floor ceilings out, install heat insulation in the roof space and then replace the ceilings
Install AC in the main bedroom and living room.
Line and seal the upper floor walls (see pictures why).

This would make a liveable space for me to try out for a year to see if I like living in the area.

Plan A Part 2
Sometime into the year, if I feel I can settle there build a simple guest bungalow, bedroom, shower room, terrace.
Then move into the bungalow and knock the original house down and build a new house with all the mod cons.
This would be an investment in a building that I might only ever use for the occasional guest.

Plan B (AKA The Death or Glory Option)
Rent an cheap place near by, demolish the existing house and build new from the start.

The thoughts of the board on these options would be appreciated.
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Re: Renovate or demolish and build from new?

Postby Itchy » Sun Dec 06, 2015 5:38 pm

We immediately cleaned the wood up and applied preservatives and tied the place up to rent it out.
66255_498919163744_7234992_n-1.jpg (40.41 KiB) Viewed 582 times
This is the house as we bought it
Around Bht 15000 spend on paint and general repairs had the place looking a lot more respectable
A view of the inside
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Re: Renovate or demolish and build from new?

Postby jaiyenyen » Tue Dec 08, 2015 9:32 pm

Amazing, considering you didn't know it was there when you bought the land. Personally, I'd maybe build a large balcony and extend the roof over it. Then add a decent bathroom and kitchen, and try living there.
So plan A part 1 would be my choice.
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Re: Renovate or demolish and build from new?

Postby eyecatcher » Sun Dec 13, 2015 5:22 pm

Absolutely no way would I demolish that. :evil:

Personally I think you know already what you want to do, but your inexperience with buildings is telling you to reinforce (hopefully) your opinion.

I have built mine with the help of salvaged wood, a house 4x bigger than yours would make only 200k baht on the wood value. so I guess its scrap value is 50k tops. Thats not going to go far towards a new build.....a hob, oven and extractor hood? :roll:

if it was me, exactly as I have done, retain the old and try to build something you want adjacent to it, annexed to to it or even away from it but in a similar character/design.

What a great opportunity; use it whilst you decide, use it whilst you build and use it even to rent.

now get your finger out and get someone to prepare a "scheme" for you....architects will be fighting over this one. :D
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