House Extension to "Baan Thai" Chiang Mai

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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai" Chiang Mai

Postby eyecatcher » Mon Feb 27, 2017 9:55 pm

Chapter 11 day 49 contd

Wasu decided she wasn’t going to take the rest of the day off with it being New years week. She thought it prudent to support her staff as she was expecting to have difficulty finding therapists so she may have to step in.

I decided to call back home and then head into the city for an emergency job doing.

This is the tool for the job

A disaster occurred yesterday. My racquet strings could no longer with stand a 200kmph smash and my strings broke, so I need to get the whole lot restringing. Choosing strings for a badminton racquet is more difficult than choosing a bra for the missus :shock:

There are nylon strings, gut strings, synthetic strings, oil filled strings, low tension 18-23lbs strings, high tension 25lbs strings, cheap strings, expensive strings, branded names, unbranded crap. :shock:

I need a high tension string which is suited to advanced players :lol: who have good hitting technique :lol: and require more control in their game. :lol: (no i am serious :wink: )

For comparison a professional would have their racquets strung at 27-30lbs

However you cannot string to high tension in a racquet unable to withstand such pressure, it will simply collapse; carbon fibre or not!!
So this was the process; a very manual 25 minutes job.

1 (3).jpg
restringing by hand initially

1 (4).jpg
then the tensionometer is set at my request...25lbs. the string is held and pulled around the wheel on the left

1 (7).jpg
then is pulling each string to 25lbs

1 (10).jpg

Anyway job done, 250bt for the strings (10m needed per racquet) fitting free.


My next task on the wall was to cap it off. I have really looked at the spare timber I have and the recess is making it difficult for me. I am not butchering decent planks just for shuttering. :roll:

Wasu came out with a suggestion after watching me just staring at it.

“look why don’t you just make life easy for yourself and use these spare blocks or just leave it altogether now”

What I do have is just enough blocks left for me to rip them in half and plant a 75mm block capping on the wall.

No concreting no shuttering just rendering. :)

So my afternoon was spent carefully cutting the blocks in half and setting them on the wall top. I had about 4 of the concrete posts to grind the top of the pyramid down slightly but its another task completed. :)


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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai" Chiang Mai

Postby eyecatcher » Tue Feb 28, 2017 6:10 pm

Chapter 11 day 50

An early start for us both today. Wasus best friend and our best therapist was having her new house breaking the ground ceremony today at around 9am.

I say at around 9am because we arrived with precisely 6 minutes to go apparently. :roll:

The builders had already excavated the foundation pits and the rebar cages prepared ready for dropping in. Two were wrapped in the obligatory bananas and coconuts.

We had just missed the monk do his bit and then it was some sort of countdown. I was asked to be on hand with the camera and told to “wait, wait, its not time yet I will tell you when”




My God we are down to start at 9.07am or what, it was like Sky sports telling the referee when he can blow the whistle for the game to start.


it must be time!


Nans mum has a couple of rai for longans and her old timber house is somewhere out the back. Over the road they have another few rai of longans, bananas, lemons, melons :)

Nan is going to build a house for herself and her mum to share with the proceeds of her overseas massage work. She has been going to Korea for 3 months for the last two years to my knowledge and has amassed about 600k baht which will be spent on this house. The rest will be loaned to her by a relative.

I looked at the plans today and tried to help her re design some areas, the bathrooms for example. We had an impasse when I suggested the bathroom should be bigger and can add extra room here or there. She was all for it until she passed on the idea to the builder.


Immediately he said the toilet has to face north. :shock: This was ridiculous, some ‘king Feng Shui Thai custom blah blah blah. I tried to insist the toilet should be repositioned and was told it is tradition. :lol:

I asked if that was the case why is the toilet in the second bathroom facing the way I am asking? answer

“just tell the builder we will turn the whole house around 90 degrees then”

The rebar cages were set up; cameras clicking away and then a few buckets of concrete were added just for the show. The six cuber was due in the afternoon.
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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai" Chiang Mai

Postby eyecatcher » Tue Feb 28, 2017 6:23 pm

Chapter 11 day 50 contd

dont fall in girl


Even Wasu got in on the act throwing a bucketful down.

more importantly dont you fall in girl


Nans bungalow build is out in the sticks in San Patong and is 122m2 and was costed up at 1,040,000; so 8500bt/m2….personally she has been ripped off big style by yet another family helper!!! :(

Whilst there we visited another one of Nan relatives whose new house was in the latter stages by the same builder. Again a bungalow with a nice open plan lounge and kitchen area and a great outdoor verandah. Some great steel features externally and a bit smaller than Nans and the price just under 900k.



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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai" Chiang Mai

Postby eyecatcher » Tue Feb 28, 2017 6:54 pm

Chapter 11 day 50 contd




what are these? anyone?

So a great morning out;

This afternoon I needed to find some more corner beads for my wall before the builders yards closed for the long weekend. I was successful fortunately but first job is to mix some stiff mortar and infill all the post tops.

the shoe resident is back.....look mate go and find a new place to live


In fact that was one and only job I could do today, time got the better of me plus the darkest 4pm cloud I have seen here for months. It looked like it was going to sile down so I thought…time to get some beers. :)
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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai" Chiang Mai

Postby eyecatcher » Thu Mar 02, 2017 9:10 pm

Chapter 11 day 51

Its New Years eve and today its head down arse up.

To think a year ago today we were really pushing the renderers to finish the external rendering before the New Year. A year ago! :shock:

Time flies. The coincidence here is that today I will be rendering. :)

But before I could start; he had moved in again! Kermit was inside my shoes, its almost every day now???….I must remember to check my shoes every time before I get a nasty shock or have to pull out a dead frog.

First task was to fit the corner beads to the posts and then the top plinth.


I used the q con adhesive and it mixes nicely into a soft paste and it sets much quicker than mortar.

I suppose I am 2 corner beads short, really for the corner posts on the other side but that doesn’t really matter just now. I haven’t tried to go to the other side yet but when I do, it will need ladders both sides…and I don’t have 2 sets.



It took half of my day to set up all the corner beads so my afternoon job was to start rendering the concrete columns.
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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai" Chiang Mai

Postby eyecatcher » Thu Mar 02, 2017 9:22 pm

Chapter 11 day 51 contd

I have a bag of rendering sand left so I hope that’s sufficient to complete the 8 columns. I made a mix of 1:4 cement:sand and added my secret ingredient…the washing up liquid to get it really sticky and workable. :)

It seemed to go on like a dream and this the first time I have done any rendering apart from last year some areas around the water tank. It was however the easiest part to do, screeding between the two corner beads. :wink:


The real test will be when I render one of the wall panels.

If you recall from previously, the q con blocks have their own special render bag 21 I think, I ended up with 10 bags spare from a year ago that only recently I dumped in this back area to use as fill. It was a pre mix so you just add water. You can use traditional sand and cement but how it sticks I don’t know. I will see if my skills improve on the columns and the top plinth before deciding.





Happy to complete the 8 posts on 3 sides today. :)

They got all the professional treatment, the scraping, the rubbing, the water sprayer and the fine brush. If it looks shite by tomorrow well at least I looked like I knew what I was doing if anyone was watching… :lol: ..and I have got loads of sandpaper (just in case!)

Keeping up with the cost of this. Lets say another 2 days labour for me that’s 2000bt plus 345bt for the corner beads. Total cost to date 12145bt including an expensive d.i.y er….but still we are only at 870bt/m :)
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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai" Chiang Mai

Postby eyecatcher » Fri Mar 03, 2017 6:56 pm

Chapter 11 day 52

A day has lapsed, New Years day. Wasu was closing the spa for the day.

It simply wasn’t going to be worth the stress of finding therapists. At this time of year selfish massage shop owners try to lay claim on therapists by incentives, usually by upping the hourly rate by 30bt and sometimes a 400bt bonus to “sit” with them all day. :evil:

Of course that leads to greed, because other therapists get wind of an increased rate at certain places and then start to pick and choose.

Wasu called me a couple of days ago to ask if she could lift the rate just between the 31st and the 2nd and I agreed only to our regular therapists that sit with us and have supported us all year.

To be honest the therapists that are left in Chiang Mai now are shite. Plebs I call ‘em, Burmese immigrants, Thai Yais and the dregs of the profession. They have no standards despite Wasus efforts to insist they follow our rules. :evil:

They come in there scruffy clothes and just put our therapists pants and shirts over the top of what they had on, dirty bastards. :shock:

Wasu told me a tale about a therapist who came. She invited someone via Line so you don’t know who you will get usually.

She said the girl came in a horrible yellow and pink massage pants. When Wasu asked her to change into our standard uniform she didn’t want to.

So Wasu advised her if she doesn’t change she can go……she went.

That’s the attitude of these hiso wannabe plebs. It’s the “they think they are champagne in a tall flute when really they are warm piss in a plastic cup” all over again.

Where was I?

Oh yes, so yesterday she closed rather than have the stress of phoning around. Its only one day and she had a plan at home…which was to make the transition from our outdoor kitchen into the new kitchen.

She has only waited 2 months or so and said we have a lovely kitchen so why don’t we use it.

I feel I am losing ties with our outdoor living. The kettle, the coffee and tea and all the plates and cutlery have all been outside for 3 years. :cry:

The final piece will be the gas bottle. Our 2 ring outdoor cooker is about to die anyway. Both rings are cracked around the edge so we don’t get an equal flame, both make noises and the air/gas controller underneath are both useless.

She also told me of the bigger picture now and how we are going to plan for the future. The spa has been very good income for us but now I can see she is getting tired of it. Her hours now are greatly increased due to the drop in tourism and this is having an effect on the relationship obviously.

I honestly have a closer relationship with CTH than I do with Wasu now. :lol:

The loose plan now is to rent out our old bedroom and advertise ourselves as a homestay. Its only going to generate pocket money but we don’t want the old room being abandoned, locked up and getting foisty.

She also has an idea to use our ground floor level area and making a café. Not too keen on that idea though. You end up getting tied in, scared to close up and go to the shops for fear of missing customers. its just clutching at straws, no way am I allowing her to sit and wait to serve tea or coffee to anyone. :(

The point is we need to find a way to generate some income like the spa but where she can stay at home and relax a bit more. I think most peoples ideal, and most peoples promprem.

I wouldnt mind being a building consultant on the side for clueless farangs building houses. visit twice a week, have three or four clients. be the eyes and knowledge. :)
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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai" Chiang Mai

Postby eyecatcher » Fri Mar 03, 2017 7:46 pm

Chapter 11 day 52 contd

So today; I dropped Wasu of at the spa and needed some more rendering sand. I want to complete the rendering of the top plinth and then attempt to render one of the panels with the sand and cement.

Its not really the correct product for qcon but I will try. If its unsuccessful I will buy the qcon bagged mix.

Plinth straightforward and easy enough.





I wish I could say the same for the panel. :wink:

I knew this would be a very difficult task. Rendering is not as easy as it looks. Its all about the right mixing and getting your timing right, getting the substrate right.

The qcons are like sponges. I threw a bucket of water on the wall and it seemed to disappear in seconds. I had a water sprayer on hand also.


My render mix wasn’t particularly soft as I didn’t want it slumping but I had difficulty making it stick. It takes a lot of wrist pressure which fortunately I have as a wan..badminton player. :wink: A few places just fell off, I reckon 25% of my mix ended up on the floor. :(

I started at the right, then started at the bottom, started at the edges to find the best method. In the end I discovered using a small amount and from the top was the best way to keep it on the wall.


As a rough render it looked ok, but lets see if I can get it something like….

It didn’t help that I had to stop to make another mix halfway through, and then another wetter mix at the end.

It dried out so quick, I couldn’t even pack it down. When I rubbed it down, it was just rubbing itself away and was really thinking, I should continue with the proper bagged mix tomorrow.

I persevered a small area at a time, but it didn’t look great to be honest. Out came the long straight edge to see if that would help. That just seemed to pear away more sand. :(

It did tell me I was probably a bit light on the amount of render I had applied so that’s the main lesson learned for the next panel. The other thing I need to do is to make sufficient mix to complete a panel, this is where a labourer is handy, he can be mixing bigger quantities so more panels can be rendered quickly.
I don’t have that luxury… :lol: .luxury he says; when have I ever refered to labour as that!!!

“Luxury” the state of great comfort and extravagant living :lol: :lol: ..remember that; if you have your own labourer.

Time was getting on, and I was already tired so a last attempt at rubbing with my trowel to see if I can make a job of it. by the time I conceded I could see about quarter of a white block down in the bottom left corner, obviously an area I had missed.

Well; it probably had 1mm of render on and I had since rubbed it off!

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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai" Chiang Mai

Postby eyecatcher » Fri Mar 03, 2017 8:18 pm

Chapter 11 day 52 contd

So panel 1, out of the way, behind the toilet extension; no one will ever see it; I am rating my performance as 7/10 actually quite pleased to say its my first ever rendered panel and with two good coats of external emulsion it may scrape up to an 8/10 standard. But I will have no critics only myself.


Final job of the day, to move the gas bottle inside.

I bought a new regulator and hose today after dropping Wasu off. We had thought to keep the old one outside and just get a smaller gas bottle for our outside use.

Low pressure regulator with the safety check valve. The safety check valves are even more important when you bottle is inside. Outside it was as important as a leak would just be dissipated in the air. Here there could be a leak on the appliance and build up of gas in a kitchen or your cupboard so the check valve is imperative.

It had crossed my mind whether the gas bottle cupboard needs a grille/vent to the outside or is that just another safety measure. The louvred cupboard door is vented of course.
When I fitted the hob; it seems like 4 months ago I thought I had the foresight to grind out the concrete worktop to ensure the gas hose would fit and bend easily and today I would see if my foresight paid off.


I certainly wouldn’t be getting any credit from Wasu if I she comes homes today after a full day cleaning yesterday and I have had the grinder out. :(

On my back again, another awkward job. It wasn’t too bad for a skinny runt like me though to get into the cupboard.

My previous grinding was perfect and the hose went on ok. It wouldn’t have done though without the grinding that’s a certainty.


Just a 10 minute job to changeover. Gave the two rings a test, and yes happy with that.



But now I will just have a sandwich, I will let Wasu cut the ribbon for the first cooking…… :lol: ……that’s given me an idea. :idea: :)

I have all the ribbons etc somewhere so we can have a kitchen opening ceremony; it beats a bloody monks blessing any day.

At 10.30 she arrives home

I asked how her day has gone

“good but I do one foot massage; I not call therapists in as I felt upset from other day before I am rather give to people who help us not greedy people”

And of course that was another opportunity to reply with my warm piss in a plastic cup quip. No doubt over her head by miles.

she enters the kitchen...... :shock:

“oh wow I cant believe you have done this, you are crazy”



“no; I just love you sweet”

"so here are the scissors, launch the ship sweet."
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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai" Chiang Mai

Postby eyecatcher » Sat Mar 04, 2017 7:09 pm

Chapter 11 day 53

Yes, she really did cut the ribbon!....and that makes it her kitchen. :D

I will of course partake in less adventurous cuisine and that’s why we have a toaster. :wink:

1 (2).jpg

Three builders yards I tried this morning before I found one that sold render mix for aac blocks. In the end it was probably the yard closest to me and although they don’t have the Qcon own brand, the Thai brand Tiger was about 25bt per bag cheaper than I paid last year for rendering the house.. 50 bags I bought then…I could have saved 1200bt!! :(

I am all confident today to make a better impression on the rendering and first off I will attack two panels and see how this product works.

It mixed beautifully. :) What a great consistency, if you are a baker you would love it!! :)

I tried to attack the first two panels with more speed because the cement/sand mix just dried out too quick and it was very difficult to move.

This time I am going to really soak the wall. Two big bucketfuls of water was thrown on each panel.

I got the mix for one panel on the wall in 15 minutes, then fiddled with it arbitrally and then started the next panel.

I thought the idea was to get it on the wall, then go back to tidy it up. I think I got that bit wrong. :?

First two panels took me two hours. I have a blister on my thumb with rubbing and polishing (for anyone who missed the above, I am rendering not masturbating) :wink:

panel 2 on the go

panel 3 on the go

My mistake this time, this render is able to be set up, screeded, leveled and looking something like before you come back for a final rub so I was struggling to rub out my rough work.

finished another 2

Ok so 3 panels done. I think the cement render looks the neatest but the aac mix works lovely and its panel 4 when I should have taken all this experience into account. :lol: :lol:

I mean Rome wasn’t built in a day. My rendering experience amounts to about 4 hours so far.

Interestlingly. Panel 1 I used 2 bags of sand, a lot of it on the floor at a cost of 70bt+say 10bt cement. Panel two and three I have used half a bag of premix say 60bt. A bag reckons to cover 8m2.

Panel 4..... hit me baby one more time

.....but tomorrow my arms can only do two panels a day!
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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai" Chiang Mai

Postby eyecatcher » Sun Mar 05, 2017 5:45 pm

Chapter 11 day 54

A couple of hours at the spa running about and changing a GU10 light bulb was followed by the optimism of completing two more panels in leisurely time before going for a long awaited beer appointment with my mate. :)

He had gone on his bike the last couple of weeks all the way to Savannaket to get another tourist visa, 900kms he had done.

His Christmas was tied up there because the first day at immigration they said sorry you already have 6 tourist stamps in the last year and secondly his bus back to Chiang Mai from Nong Khai had a puncture before it even got to Udon and he had to wait 4 hours for a replacement bus.

Today panel 4 and 5; I was confident that my rendering learning curve would score me an 8/10 today and hopefully on panel 4.
Panel 4, I wasn’t in a rush; the plan was to mix enough to complete the panel but this time no slacking. Lob it on, screed it off and polish it up before it even gets a chance of drying.


Panel 4 was still lacking however. :( Its still only a 7, maybe 7.5 and I have identified my shortcoming. I am not putting enough on to start with. Scrimping even on the render…aarrgh! Its habit, trying to make things last….all because I didn’t want to make another mix for the sake of filling several small voids, and thin areas.

Panel 5,…I now have several experiences from which to learn from.

1. Throw 2 full buckets of water on the wall first
2. Each panel takes 2.5 buckets of render mix
3. The mix needs to be the consistency of between diarrhoea and the result of pad prik geng gai with 3 chillies.
4. Work from the bottom and work fast.
5. When the panel is covered, scrape upwards; then scrape left to right,(as a southpaw) then scrape up again.
6. Re load the float and skim again
7. Then with spray mister on a small section and rub that float in a circular motion ensuring you get a blister on your thumb and your arm is aching like kcuf
8. stand back and smile with self appreciation.



Well; panel 5 was nailed. I think I have got it now. :)

Each panel has taken me only 90 minutes; pretty slow really but in that time I have had to make the mix each time; probably stop work to find the camera, respond to some message or other.

Happy with panel 5; a few minor blemishes and ridges but an improvement. I am giving myself an 8/10.not sure how to improve further; perhaps make my mix a bit wetter or load my float with more dollop.

As before; when its painted it will look like a 9/10 performance. :)

So finished in good time to meet up with my mate.

We only had a couple(3) of beers so I was back home for 6.30…..hmm I don’t remember switching the lights on around the house? :?

Wasu had returned home for some reason….oh no; I am a bit drunk so there could be bovver!

“her…llo” (my drunk accent) :lol:

“ooh; perfect timing; did you get my message?”

“no” :shock:

“I want you to take me to the White house” (no; there is one here as well really)


“I told you this morning; I was going there today to book for our spa staff party”

“Oh; I thought it was for next week”

“No, you don’t listen, you are just an old man” :oops:

“But I am drunk, a little bit”

“That’s ok, I can go on my bike but its raining.” (that’s the make me feel guilty suggestion)

“Ok I can take you; I don’t want to come if it’s a girly plus one gay party (7 people)but please convey my appreciation of their support this last year……do you have some money” (stupid stupid question!)

“Well we are paying for the party so I will take it from todays money”

“Ok love, here’s another 500bt for bottled water!!!!! (the things you say when you are a tad drunk)

I got off lightly there; 500bt!

I just have to wait for a phone call now to collect her…I reckon it could be the leg over tonight; that’ll be a novelty.

............zoom forward...........

it was no legover for me;in fact she was only out for an hour; waste of a time party if you ask me.
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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai" Chiang Mai

Postby eyecatcher » Mon Mar 06, 2017 7:25 pm

Chapter 11 day 55

I was giving a badminton colleague a tour of the house this morning and Wasu left for work when he arrived.

An hour later I get a phone call from her :roll:

“hello; erm has your friend left now?”

“no why” :?:

“oh; well I have had a sort of accident”

I automatically look out to see if the car is there :lol:

“What sort of accident”

“Well, I have driven over a cat and I am taking it to the vet”

:? “Why?”

“Well it was my fault”

“Your fault,? people and animals crossing the road are responsible for themselves”

“Well what should I do?”

“Well if you run over a cat or a dog you should just move it to side of the road”

“I just think I should find the owner; but if I cant find them can I bring the cat home”


“No…definitely no….you cant go through life expecting to take home every animal you run over just because you feel sorry for it.”

Then there is a moment of silence; my friend is doing the same as me; :roll: :roll: rolling his eyes…both of us thinking…
"what is it with a Thai people and wanting not to harm any animals yet when they have them they neglect them, lock them up, leave them on the street, never feed them”

“hello”…. “hello”

I can sense she is not going to speak to me now for 3 days for being heartless about a disabled cat; I just hope she hasn’t spent our spa takings on a bloody vet. :evil:

On the final leg of the wall now; just the last two panels so 3 hours and the wall is finished.

I am quite confident of two good final panels. I know exactly the quantity and now the consistency.

panel 6


panel 7

Panel 6 and 7 was a slight improvement again and I am awarding myself 9/10. :)

One thing I have been unable to master is a smooth transition between all my float strokes, some areas of the surface finish are smooth some are porous, sandy. A blind man couldn’t see the difference but close up under a microscope it could be classed as rough terrain.

I think I know the reason, and that’s my mix, hand mixing doesn’t always lose all the lumps, its inevitable unless I use the mixer attachment on the drill again. So you spread out a lump and of course it’s a bit drier than the rest.


Anyway, it’s a big thumbs up. I am well pleased with my standard. Its taken me an average of 1.5hours per panel but even the first panel was worth a 7/10.

2 bags of render mix for the last 6 panels at a cost of 230bt and the first panel using sand and cement cost about 35bt!. 265bt for the 14m=19bt/m

Its finished now, so lets just have a look at the cost. Remember I am hypothetically charging myself at 1000bt/ day 7hrs.

We were at a cost of 12145 (870bt/m) after the plinth corner beads.

To add on, I had a day rendering all the plinth and the first wall panel 1000bt+sand 35bt. The next 6 panels took about 9hrs labour say 1500bt and 230bt bagged render. An extra 2765bt to add on.

Final total 14,910bt for my wall 14m long.= 1065bt/m

Now for your info, I know for fact that builders are quoting walls at 1500 upward per metre run for the same height, not even rendered at all but I am a novice, have no labourer and pretty slow at rendering. I have charged myself at 1000bt a day and cost is still only 1065bt /m and I have used q con blocks.

This is what the wall actually cost me:
8 posts 680bt; 10 bag sand, 20 bag stone 950bt cement 3 bags 268bt;, 160 qcons, 3 sand, 1 bag adhesive 3140bt; corner beads 345bt metal straps 168bt 2 bags render 230bt
Total 5781bt= 413bt/m !!!!

So I ask where the kcuf are they getting rates of 1500; 2000bt per metre run from?

I know part of the answer. Most wall posts would be a bit wider, shuttered and reinforced. They would also go over the top with a reinforced plinth and the height maybe another course higher than mine.

I am available for building your boundary walls at 1100bt/m for 1.6m high. Not fast but conscientious and it will be right!
Its looking like the two side walls now need the same treatment but they are 25m long each.

With a cost of over 11k I wonder if Wasu can see if either of my neighbours is willing to goes halves on the materials….I sha’n’t hold my breath waiting for a positive answer.
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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai" Chiang Mai

Postby eyecatcher » Tue Mar 07, 2017 6:55 pm

Chapter 11 day 56

I will draw a close to this chapter now, since I have completed the wall. :)

Its been a wet and windy for a few days up here in Chiang Mai so I have been collecting Wasu and taking her back the next day. This morning we had another duty on the car the perform!

The road tax is due in the next few days so she suggested we sort that out today. The car is just 6 years old so apparently we need to get it tested and certified before we are allowed to drive on the road.

We simply took the car along to the garage adjacent the road tax office and for 100bt they put it on the rollers and….well I can only guess what they doing. The front rollers appeared to be testing the brakes, the back rollers looked to be weighing the car?? And the lance shoved up the exhaust pipe was obviously checking emissions.

Its was a 10 minute job and then another 10 minute job to get the road tax at the “drive thru”

That left me to return home and complete the final tidying up at the back of the wall. I have gauzed the rainwater outlet to stop snakes getting into our rwp gulley and cut off and repositioned the septics air vent and gauzed that one to stop the mossies getting out. :)

As an aside; when I cut off the air vent prior to tuning it 90 degrees vertically hundreds of mossies came flying out. I had the chaindrite spray on hand so immediately stopped them. But the 30cm of pipe I cut off was about 50% chock packed with dead mosquitoes. :shock:

I tapped them out and it was like spilling soil. Septic tanks are full of mossies so make sure your air vent is out of the way or gauzed up like mine.

There was a fair amount of debris, broken blocks, bits of shera fencing and broken concrete and some of the old posts. I had a bucketful of old bottles and tin cans from the last year of builders just throwing them.

I leveled and tidied the back area reasonably, after all its not our land.

I was keen on rendering the other side, but Wasu said no. Of course we cant see it; but whilst its tidy enough, white blocks are not pretty.

I wanted to be getting on with the next big job which is to pave the steel decking upstairs. I had asked Thong my mate if he could give me 3 hours to weld some steel bearers onto the decking steelwork.
That was 3 weeks ago. He has since had a funeral for his father in law and it seems he is too busy to give me 3 hours.

I think as Wasu keeps telling me “don’t rely on Thong because although he is a good friend to both of us he lets you down at the wrong times.; just rely on yourself” :)

The plan now is investment….in a welding machine and disc cutter, so I can become self sufficient completely. I don’t like asking people to help me; they are often just lining themselves up for criticism so like the rendering; a bit of a practice run and it shouldnt take long before I am proficient in steelworking. :wink:

A few days off now before I start the rear decking.

Thankyou for reading. :)
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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai" Chiang Mai

Postby eyecatcher » Fri Mar 10, 2017 7:30 pm

Coming up in Chapter 12

**The rear decking plan is finally resolved**

probsol.jpg (9.44 KiB) Viewed 187 times

**I blow up the tyres again and ride and ride and ride**


**From a 14m long wall to a 31m long wall**

build wall 2.jpg

**Wasu goes to a diy holiday for me**

face.jpg (10.28 KiB) Viewed 187 times

**I watch the final new pre stressed beams placed in position over the river.**

bridge 2.jpg

** and the usual dramas wherever I go**

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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai" Chiang Mai

Postby eyecatcher » Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:53 pm

Chapter 12 day 1

I really couldn’t understand the logic in a 6am phone call to Wasu this morning. I wasn’t happy about it but why should I have been; twenty ‘uckin minutes she was talking to a sister. :evil:

I didn’t ask her, though I was sorely tempted to ask why someone cannot call at a reasonable hour, it obviously wasn’t an emergency.

Wasu was in a mood now and decided to get up and prepare us an early breakfast obviously to take her mind off something. :?

A bit later she came to tell me it’s a change of plan and I am having toast because the gas bottle ran out halfway through boiling some sweet corn and frying eggs. :lol: :(

Still I had another option presented to me; we now have a full tub of boiled rice, the electric was fine! :|

The impetus for starting the rear decking has gone because I don’t have Thong available to help me. I don’t want to go looking for someone else so I will do the steelwork and welding myself.

That means researching the machines available with a view to me having the tools for any steelwork job in the future, and there will always be some.

I always go shopping without any money. :) That’s how its always been, I will not be spontaneous and buy something I will regret so I shop without cash and see which model or design or whatever seems to keep coming back into my head. Then I know the decision is made at home and the buying is just handing over cash.

I checked out a few machines over the last 24 hours, Global, HomePro,Thai watsadu,toolmart and the thing that’s sticks out is a salesmen doing his best to be a pest and sell me a brand I have never heard of yet he says its no1 in Thailand…..that was at TW., Yes they did sell that brand in Home Pro but not Global. I think I will make a secret bank withdrawal and treat myself, call it my news years gift to myself. :wink:

A simple task to complete was to move the water pipe at the back. 2 years ago I decided to make a tap, to isolate the house and save me going out onto the road to turn everything off. There were bushes over the water supply so I decided a tap out of the ground would be easiest to manipulate.

Now I have built the wall on the correct line this stop cock tap is right in the middle of the path so I need to re route it back to the new wall.

1 (10).JPG

I exposed the pipework and realized the branch to my kitchen sink was very close to the tap. I thought, whats going to happen when I cut this off…..all the water from the tank is just going to flood out. The tap I installed for the tank set up was on the inflow.
The good news is that the tank boys made this tap on the outflow to the old house so I can cut the loop tap out completely and not even move the new water pipe. I can just piece back in a section. Easy peasy. And that’s what I did.

1 (11).JPG

1 (12).JPG

1 (14).JPG
you think the water is clean? put your little finger and wipe inside any cut pipe. it looks like you dipped it in black paint.

Wasu later sent me a message to say what this mornings phone call was about. :roll:

Her father had got drunk and hit her mother; blood was drawn, she had been to the hospital and the doctors advice was that she has an operation on her kidneys!!! :( :evil:

Of course I am not going to mind my own business so immediately condemn the selfish bastard; now Wasu is talking about getting on the bus to be with her mum in hospital.
So that SB has affected all the family now including me. :evil:

Family is family I know but I did wonder how many of the other sisters are suddenly prepared to drop everything to travel into Isaan.

The sooner he dies the better. I don’t say that lightly… that will be one trip to Isaan I will gladly go because in the few years we have been together he has been drunk and gone awol several times; he has assaulted her niece to the point where her parents came to take her away from him, he knows alcohol will mean more hospitalization and blood transfusions for himself and the sooner he goes the better off everyone will be.....I am certain of that.

I suggested her mum come to a Chiang Mai hospital and at least she can stay with us after but apparently she isn’t well enough to travel so far by bus. :(

Anyway, lets hope she is in a calm mood when she comes home otherwise I am in purgatory again; the jewelry box I bought her today should smooth the way. :wink:
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