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Any story related to building in the LOS, whether everything turned out hunky dory or not!

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Re: Building in chiang mai

Postby Tanlic » Fri Nov 25, 2016 2:10 pm

Don't know why you are shocked Andy. 7 to 8k per sq mt for a shell is the going rate and is neither cheap or expensive add internals and you get up to the 10 to15k mark for the finished article.

Don't know I would cut down in size. Wouldn't it be a better idea to find one good supervisor to work for 2000 baht per day buy everything yourself and oversee the job yourself?

Or if you cant afford all of your time come to an agreement with a builder that you and he buy everything together pay the workers and you give him 15% or even 20% on everything right down to the last lightbulb.

I think your time and your salaries are way off the mark. You can't get good people for 250 baht a day who will give you a good days work and you won't build 300 sq mt in 6 weeks............not with 12 people you wont.

I pay my people from 350 baht for women labourers......400 to 450 Baht to men and anyone who is a bricky does plumbing or ceilings 600 baht a day and even then they moan.

I don't know Changmai but surely they are not that backward they still work for peanuts?
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Re: Building in chiang mai

Postby Andyfteeze » Sat Nov 26, 2016 9:23 pm

Well unfotunately , i am no fool. 600,000bt for material and 1.5m bt for labour?
The six weeks was of actual work tme, not construction period. It probably would have dragged out to 3-4 months. I am happy to pay , but that to me is over the top. The next quote came in at over 3m bt.
Yes my next plan of action was to scale it down.

In the mean time, other issues have popped up. The sisters are at war. My wife no longer sees any benefit lving next door to her sister. I have never seen her so angry .
It started with the power pole relocation. By the way we paid up front 13,000 to move the pole and supply a 15A meter. Sister didnt want the pole next to "her" fence cause it may damage the fence. The nieghbours were unhappy because they weren't for warned and were worried the work could cause damage to their house. Then the sister said rather stupidly, trucks cant come down this soi. Because her house was build in a vacuum, lol. Thats without issues with water supply and stormwater run off . I suggested we let the snakes come back to their home. I could just see, issues with the orientation of the house, too much shade in the morning. You cant argue with stupid people, they will just find another issue to badger you. I have the land up for sale.

We are going to renovate and extend our current house instead. Still get my music room and we have a fve bed room, 4 shower house. And i will have a lot more money still in the bank.

The thing is, i now know where to get stuff at thai prices. I also have built up a large network of workers. Even at 400-500bt a day, it comes nowhere near what the previous guys were quoting.
Tanlic, what you say makes sense if you have little experience. I have enough experience to know i dont need a middle man. I just need workers who have experience. No thai is worth 2000bt per day. Myanmar workers are paid 250-300bt per day whilst supervisors want 2000? No thai would dream of paying 2000bt per day for a supervisor.

Just for the record. The cheapest place i found in chiang mai for steel was CMS. They are about 150m up the road from
Global. CPac cement was 1900-1980bt / meter. Form work is 13bt per meter. A backhoe will cost about 3000bt per day.
Thai Watsadu have insulation, Rt 38 at 399bt for a 4 meter 150mm roll. I even found a plaster supply shop ( gyprock) who has stud adhesive! I bought a 9" makita angle grinder secondhand with a dimond tip blade for 2500bt, the going rate new is 10,000bt.
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Re: Building in chiang mai

Postby 12mike » Mon Apr 24, 2017 8:11 pm

Andyfteeze wrote:Good question. In my case its sealed slab to slab, just like a double glazed window.

Weep holes were introduced to the exterior walls because bricks are POROUS. The weep holes help to remove unwanted water and act as ventilation for the cavity.
To answer your question, If your exterior skin is porous you shouldn't close off any ventilation in the cavity.
An eco friendly house works because the outside skin is made water proof, thus you can cap off all ventilation to the cavity.
If you have to leave a cavity open, some kind of termite Pest inspection in Sydney to all penetrations is a good idea.
Hope that answers your question.

Hello Andyfteeze,

Last month I have bought many termite control products but they didn't work effectively. I am looking for the products which are not harmful for my kids, So can you please suggest me which products should i use for protecting my house from termites?
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Re: Building in chiang mai

Postby Klondyke » Tue Apr 25, 2017 9:47 am

Termite protection.

On the finished house: there are companies in Thailand doing different kinds of termite control.

If building a new wooden structure: painting by Chaindrite the wooden sides connected to cement surfaces. The termites come always from behind - invisibly.
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