Building in Khanom

Any story related to building in the LOS, whether everything turned out hunky dory or not!

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Re: Building in Khanom

Postby BKKBILL » Wed Aug 20, 2014 5:10 pm

Brianks, Like that shade cloth have you got anymore information about it?
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Re: Building in Khanom

Postby brianks » Thu Aug 21, 2014 10:04 am

Window coating: Cost for 3 - 3m x 2m double sliding window/door, 1-2m x 2m sliding window/door plus the back door window .75 x 1.98m was a little over 20,000 baht which included some travel time and expenses. Cost is determined by sq. meters. 850 baht per square meter is how they figure the cost of the coating.

Screen: Got it from which is located in Puckett. Go to their website for a more information. I knew that they would not be inexpensive so once they were assured that I was for real and the over 40,000 baht ballpark figure they threw at me was not turning me off, they got quite serious. Was surprised that I could do all the work myself and they were great in leading me in the right directions with their questions, drawings and pictures sent me to help me understand what I had to do. With this process you can do everything yourself and they just supply the product. There is another company that does this same stuff called Castashadow and their in Hua Hin and Pattaya and may be BKK also. They were the ones I originally contacted but they dragged their feet in responding and eventually (and reluctantly) referred me to Shades in Puckett because they were closer to my location. Castashadow just didn't want to expend the effort to get into my project. kept asking questions and making suggestions which lead me to realize that I had to o build the SS frame and structure so all I had to do is put the screen in place myself.
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Re: Building in Khanom

Postby brianks » Thu Aug 21, 2014 7:02 pm

Here is the switch in the house above the electrical panel for the generator to connect it to the house electrical system.
elect wall 001.jpg

Red light is on when power coming from electrical grid. Green when power coming from Generator. There is also a circuit breaker on the Generator that you must flip on to send the power to the house. Also a switch on the switch box you have to flip the switch to generator and/or power from grid.
Only way we know when the power has been restored to the house is to look for the red light to be on switch box to be on.

The "emergency lights" also come on when power goes out and a light from that box is also connected to one in the eves over the generator to light above generator in the dark.
Wife's brother insisted that the battery charger in the "emergency lights" was also connected to the battery on the generator. He said if that was not done the generator battery could go dead in about a year and when it was needed to start the motor would be dead and have to hand start the generator motor. Said the battery would also last much longer this way.
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Re: Building in Khanom

Postby brianks » Sun May 17, 2015 10:31 am

Its been quite a while since I last sent any status of our Kastle in Khanom. After today's completion of reworking the plumbing for the water tanks and pumps I thought it would finally be fitting to share with you (brag) about what our property has become after almost a year and a half of living here in Khanom.

Have spent a lot of time looking at the mess of pipes around the water tanks and pumps. Quite a mess as I originally had only two tanks but added a third tank and at that time reworked the plumbing for the tanks. We now have two 2,000 liter tanks for water from the well pump that is now turned on an off by an electrical sinker switch in one of the tanks. This means the refilling of the two tanks is automatically done when the level gets about half full. No more turning on the well pump and monitoring the level of the tanks then turn it off when full (which was forgotten a few times).
Water Tank Plumbing 001.jpg
Looking at the mess from one direction
Water Tank Plumbing 008.jpg
In the other direction. Note all the extra "L's" and caps where "make do" connections and routines were made.

Looking at the Spaghetti pipes from both sides gives you a good idea of what a diabolical mess it was. After the morning run yesterday I began the process of cleaning up the piping.

First working with the third tank (nearest the first photo) that is for the filtered house water. If you compare pictures you can see that a lot of bends were taken out of the pipes, shortened (and turned upright) the large drain valve at the bottom of the tank. Now all the pipes for that tank are considerably cleaned up and run straight with a lot of unnecessary bends. Success #1

In the later afternoon, donning one of my work T-Shirts, I charged into straightening out the piping for the other tanks. First was to eliminate a crossover pipe that bypassed the water pumps and had long since ceased to serve any purpose at all since the one way valve in it stuck a few times so had to close the shut off valve in it. First step was to cut the line out with my hand rotary grinder. In a few seconds I had unleashed a shower of water on me and everything else. Took a while to figure out where it was coming from and how to shut it off. Of course I was soaked along with everything else there. Had to change my T-Shirt as I could not work in that soaked mess. Pants I could handle and undies stayed wet until preparing for bed but had to have a dry shirt.

Proceeded to cut all the pipes out that I had planned on cutting out and began the process of reconstructing the piping plan in a much more organized manner. At one point I took out 7 “L's” that redirected the water from the well pump to the inlets of the two water tanks. Those 7 “L's” were replaced with only 2. Water should now flow smoother and faster into the water tanks from the well pump. Took some “interesting” plumbing pipe diversions on the outlet side of the tanks that fed to the water pumps. In all what I did was straightened out the water flow to and from the water tanks and eliminated a lot of unnecessary piping diversions. And yes I was soaked from the waste down.

DISASTER STRIKES: I forgot to glue one “T” fitting in place on one end and this morning Aranya called me over to see well water coming out of the inlet pipe near the middle tank which had popped out of its fitting. @#$%^&*()+_! Not the first time I have done this trick but a little glue on the fitting and all was repaired. Have no idea how long the well pump was dumping water though (Electric Bill).
Water Tank Plumbing 010.jpg
Cleaned up considerably but don't like that angled line from the tanks connected to an elevated "L" on the slab.

I know some of you are going to ask what the round pipe fitting is doing propping up the pipe. Without the “prop” the pipe would just sag and put a little pressure on it that could cause a break later.

As you can now see, most of the plumbing mess was corrected with much straighter pipe lines.

Unfortunately when I was connecting the water line from the well pump to the inlet lines to the two tanks I failed to consider the mess created when I failed to put the “L” in the right place and it ended up on the adjoining slab above the grove which could accommodate the pipe. This left a gap under the pipe in addition to making the pipe run from the middle tank at an angle to the slab. Didn't want anyone tripping over it and it looked horrible!

Spent some time sleeping on it and came up with a solution that would put the pipe back into the groove and also angle it over so the run to the middle tank would be straightened out (it was crooked). Went to my favorite hardware store in South Town (that has more things that others don't have in a smaller space than the others) and got the 45 degree connectors (that nobody else anywhere has) plus a few more straight connectors. Modified the 45 degree connectors (cut them down) so the top of the mess would be just the right height for the inlet pipe to the tanks and the bottom would sit perfectly in the slot in the sandwash slab. Now these are the types of things I have to admit really turn me on and make me proud of what I have done. Everything went together exactly as planned.

Now all that was wrong was the lose pipe on the sandwash. Had an extra pipe clamp and used SS screws to attach it to the cement.

Everything now looking much better.
Water Tank 3 and more 001.jpg
Now rather than making 9 different changes in direction through the piping, only makes 3 so pressure from well to tanks should be greater as well as flow.

If you can believe this was my inspiration to show you what our place looks like now after living here for almost 1.5 years. Grounds have really taken hold and are looking quite good. This report has taken me too long so please look for another report, (hopefully tomorrow) with pictures around the “compound”.
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Re: Building in Khanom

Postby brianks » Sun May 17, 2015 10:56 am

It has taken some of the plants quite a while before they have finally started to show some good growth and color. The picture from the front over the fence to the area over the lawn is quite different now than over a year ago. That small portion of a tree on the right hand side of the picture, I almost took out as it was sporting only a few small leaves for over a year. I cut the top off in hopes of promoting growth lower and the tree has now taken off sporting large attractive looking leaves. In another year it should be quite beautiful there. Plants up against the wall are difficult to see in this picture but they have now really come into their own and trimming is now necessary to keep them contained.
Water Tank 3 and more 020.jpg

Now this view of the pool was really surprising to me. Pool looks much different from that direction. Now you can see the plants covering the walls with their color and flowers. That flowering plant in front of the pool is truly beautiful when it is flowering like it is now.
pool othr side 002.jpg

Next to that area to the right is this area that originally was grass but converted to rock garden with plants all around. Two days ago I almost got knocked over by the perfume of the Yellow and White flowers of the bushes next to the walkway and flowering bush in center. Such a truly beautiful area to walk around this time of the year.
Water Tank 3 and more 003.jpg

The red plants on one side of this area are another feature. When I saw these plants at a nursery I had to purchase all they had. They have now grown up considerably and I have to trim them back to keep under control. The picture does not do them justice as many visitors have remarked how beautiful these red bushes really are. They also have a small red flower among the leaves but not many this time of the year.

Yes, we really enjoy this whole area next to the patio and behind the pool.
Water Tank 3 and more 017.jpg

The yard in back of the house is taking shape slowly. Plants against wall are growing well but the “tree's” Aranya has planted in the lawn are not doing well. Hopefully in another year they will finally start showing some growth. Note Aranya's overgrown garden in the background. Its her play area growing all kinds of food there.

That hedge next to the walkway is really a maintenance headache. If it is not trimmed every two weeks it looks like an overgrown mess.
Water Tank 3 and more 013.jpg

Will have to continue with next post.
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Re: Building in Khanom

Postby brianks » Sun May 17, 2015 11:06 am

Now down the other side of the house is an area we don't look out at since nothing opens up to it from the house. The leafy plants next to the walkway just got cut for the first time and I suspect will be back in full foliage in a month or so. They were covering almost half of the walkway. Beautiful green but no flowers as we had hoped for. Plants up against the wall are doing very well. Trees not growing fast which I like. I cut some very tall disjointed growth from some of them so they would look better and fuller hopefully some day.
Water Tank 3 and more 014.jpg

Continuing on to the front of the side and you can see that the plants here are filling out quite nicely. Was almost a dead area in the beginning but has begun to take shape over time. Now that tree in the corner I have had to trim back several times as it has really grown rapidly and would be completely covering the whole area had it not been trimmed back.
Water Tank 3 and more 015.jpg

As you can now see how beautiful this tree really is. At times of the year it is completely covered with these beautiful flowers. I did some trimming and reduced their coverage to keep the tree from getting out of control. Still beautiful though and just love to look at that beautiful flower this tree produces
Water Tank 3 and more 016.jpg

Yes, that screen that I talked about getting is in place now. Sure saves the day after 2 pm as you can now sit out there and lower it to eliminate the affects of the blasting down sun on the patio. Turn the ceiling fans on and have a breeze too.
8-17  Upgrades 005.jpg
We will be waiting for most of you to visit us sometime in the future when the place looks even better.
visa renewal 004.jpg

Cheers from Brian & Aranya
The happy couple in Khanom
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Re: Building in Khanom

Postby pipoz » Sun May 17, 2015 11:20 am

Very nice, well done

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Re: Building in Khanom

Postby kiwimartin » Sun May 17, 2015 7:29 pm

Its looking wonderful as the garden fills in Brian! Some really nice trees and shrubs mate...I am hoping we can start planting in June on Koh Phangan.
Well done to you both.
bauhinia.jpg (49.71 KiB) Viewed 805 times

I think from my days in HK that this is Bauhinia - their national flower...beautiful.
Cheers and enjoy.
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Re: Building in Khanom

Postby olavhome » Sun May 17, 2015 11:21 pm

Garden looks very Nice.
Do you have any kind of automatic irrigation system or is it "man-made" :-)
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Re: Building in Khanom

Postby brianks » Mon May 18, 2015 8:53 am

The Shade was purchased from "Shades" which is located in Puckett. It is somewhat transparent so you can see through the weave it when it is down. Rickie at Shades talked me through getting all the framework in place and mounting the hardware so all they had to do was send me the reel with the material on it plus some hardware. Lots of measuring and pictures back and forth but didn't have to pay for installation crew to travel 4 hours to our site. Everything fell in place perfectly when I mounted it.

Am thinking of a shade of same type of material over the pool now as the water temp is around 33 degrees like a hot tub. Need to keep the sun off the water during the day to cool that hot tub down. Not so comfortable to swim in daily as I do. Also chlorinator cannot keep up with chlorine production as it boils off with the heat. Have to keep a floater in pool with tablet to keep the chlorine up to par. Just not excited about the cost of a shade as it appears it will cost between at least 150,000-500,000 baht depending on how elaborate a shade I want. Most expensive one has electric motor to move shade over pool and back off. I like that but 500,000 kind of puts a dent in the finances.
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Re: Building in Khanom

Postby brianks » Mon May 18, 2015 9:02 am

No automatic irrigation system for the yard unfortunately. I never thought of putting one in while building the house. Wish I had but such is life. I merely added an extra outlet below each hose spigot so I could install pipe for sprinklers. Put lots of shut offs in those lines below each sprinkler and for each line leading from the spigot. Lots of after thoughts about it too. Should have used 3/4" pipe for sprinkler lines off the 1" line running around the walls for the spigots BUT used only 1/2" pipe and ran lines all over the place and can only run two sprinklers at a time. Found some good metal Rain Birds at Home Pro and they get good coverage from the walls to the center of the yard. Just completed my morning watering and have a routine set up when I go running and come home.
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Re: Building in Khanom

Postby pattayapope » Mon May 18, 2015 1:55 pm

Nice job Brian now the garden is getting established looks perfect you must be a happy couple.
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Re: Building in Khanom

Postby brianks » Tue May 26, 2015 6:07 pm

Forgot to add the prize of the area. Before we moved to the house we were told there was no trash service to our street. We lived by dumping it in a hole in the oil palm plantation and burning it ocassionally. Really quite a mess and never liked it. At the beginning of this year wife went to pouyai and again asked about trash service since we knew it was on the next street over. This time they said we could get it and gave us the green trash can and we paid for both ours and next door neighbor for the year. About four of us signed up originally. Within a week there were 7 trash cans on the street and now about 10. So much nicer now to just take the trash to the can out front and have not had any problems with dogs knocking them over either. Were the only ones around who line our can with a trash bag. Very proud of wife for doing such a community service for our area.
Water Tank 3 and more 024.jpg

Its the little things that make a difference. You don't know how much you miss them until you don't have them.
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