Here we go again....House #2

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Here we go again....House #2

Postby verticalift » Fri Apr 15, 2011 12:21 pm

My wife and I never thought that we would ever consider building a 2nd home in T'land......Especially after what we went though 8 years ago in Phuket. But, here we go again......Hahaha. With the rediculous over-develpment in Phuket, my wife and I have decided to leave. The 15MTB, 300sqm home that we've lovingly designed and re-built over the past 8 years, inside a "gated" a golf course community, overlooking a freshwater lake with a 500m high mountain on the otherside, is beautiful. I wish we could stay (or, "Beam/Transport" the entire house to a more desirable area) But with the very noticable increase in violent crime, the suicidal driving practices of most Thais on the island and the huge number of 767's and 747's now flying direct to Phuket, it's time to re-evaluate.

Beach Cotage 5.jpg
Exterior sketch of planned house. The "Thai" version will have longer roof overhangs for better sun and rain protection.

With 3 rai (1.1 acres) (Chanote) recently purchased in my wifes home village in the north-east, we plan on constructing one (1) home. After having lived in Thailand now for the past 14 years and having already survived one (1) construction project, I have a fair idea of how to approach this next build. The home shown in the attached pics, originally designed and built for the American north-east (New England) climate, will be used as a base template for a Thai version of the same house. Even though our project manager, who has also worked on our home in Phuket has excellent English language skills, the blueprints will all be translated into Thai and metric. The home will be constructed 1.5m off the ground on piles/posts. All plumbing, electrical and air-cons will be under the house for easy access. Wall construction will be Q-Con. Roof material: Aluminum corugated sheeting with sprayed-on insulation foam on the underside and with long roof overhangs for additional sun/rain protection. We will be contracting the same project manager and his crew/team that has worked on our house in Phuket. Though they base themselves in Chumpon, it'll be worth every Baht to relocate them for the build. A 1/2 rai, 5 meter deep Natural Swimming Pool/Pond (I call it the swamp...Haha) has been dug and has filled-up with crystal clear water. Lots of oxygen generating plants will be planted around the inside edges.

Beach Cottage 2.gif
Three (3) separate buildings similar to a Thai Cluster/Compond type build. Buildings will be on piles/poles approx 1.5 meters above the ground level. Exterior walls will be Q-Con. Roofing, aluminum with sprayed-on insulation on the underside.

Beach Cottage 3.gif
Upstairs bedrooms for the kids overtop the main building.

Ground Footprint of all 3 buildings: 20m x 24m (Can be increased if space between buildings is increased)
Total Living area: Ground floor: 188sqm. Upper Floor: 54sqm......for a total living area of 242sqm.

Beach Cottage 4.gif
Side Elevation. The Thai version/design will have longer roof overhangs (1.5m) for greater sun and rain protection.

Natural swimming pool/pond.

I know that there'll be a lotta headaches in the months ahead ............but hey, Hobbies are good.
Keep you posted................
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Re: Here we go again....House #2

Postby pattayapope » Fri Apr 15, 2011 12:44 pm

Hi I am really impressed with your swimming pool maybe on a separate thread you could tell us somemore and include pictures if possible and details of pumping system ect.
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Re: Here we go again....House #2

Postby Max&Bee-in-CM » Sat Apr 16, 2011 11:16 am

Howdy, welcome, it will be very interesting to observe an American design transformed into a local building - yes your natural pool looks amazingly clear, sort of like those lakes in China you can see all the way to the bottom, how did you do it would be great to know, I still have 1/4 rai free of trees for possible conversion.
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Re: Here we go again....House #2

Postby Tommy » Fri Sep 30, 2011 1:47 pm

hello there,

any updates on the build? has it started yet?
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Re: Here we go again....House #2

Postby Nawty » Fri Sep 30, 2011 8:24 pm

I got the impression that the above pic is not his pond, but an example of what he will do........either way looking forward to the construction of that pool as I wish to do same.....but tropical climates are not favourable for natural pools because of algae growth, water temps and possible bacteria growth go forth and build please.
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Re: Here we go again....House #2

Postby blowin » Sat Oct 01, 2011 10:46 pm

Hi love the house and natural pool. Will be very intersted in your builder as I and my
wife plan to build in Langsuan Chumphon in an year or two so an good builder is an
big advantage. So good luck :) .
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Re: Here we go again....House #2

Postby elgato » Sun Oct 02, 2011 9:35 am

Any news?
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