My little house in mainland front kho Samui...

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Re: My little house in mainland front kho Samui...

Postby Mike Judd » Wed Nov 20, 2013 4:18 pm

Stand back and take a deep breath everyone. Sunpax! the question you asked in the beginning was a bit short on details to be answered with any degree of accuracy. As mentioned the size of the Shera etc; chosen by you would determine the material price , which is usually by the lineal mt, fixing it with or without gaps of what ever spacing would effect his price though. Plus of course does he have to make good any of the base he is fixing to and last does he paint it all on finishing .? All in all a lot of variables there for a comparison price.
Apart from all that, I can't think of a harder project for anyone to tackle than to build a house in a strange country without that essential item, a translator who is on your side, never mind being a Women! alone as well. You have some Guts Girl.
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Re: My little house in mainland front kho Samui...

Postby jack9 » Wed Nov 20, 2013 8:46 pm

men and women are different so so different
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Re: My little house in mainland front kho Samui...

Postby Nakhonsri » Wed Nov 20, 2013 9:40 pm

This is my first post in over a year since I have been renovating a house in Ban Krut, Prachuap. I had posted earlier on this topic and I see that we are all back to square one. Geordie lost his cool over the same issues previously, so it is best to offer what you can and not engage further. It is difficult indeed to get sage advice through to Sunpax and she has a mountain to climb trying to do this without transport, language, and support.
All of the lessons throughout this forum are valuable and in spite of being well armed with information, projects will go off the rails. My renovation ended up "in tears" with the contractor, but in the end I am satisfied. The appeal of Ban Krut is its quiet country seaside atmosphere, but that also means the level of available skills and building experience is diminished and I have lowered my expectations accordingly. I know of others who have had unsatisfactory experiences in more developed places including Bangkok, so compromise on standards is almost essential. Hopefully I may be able to post some pictures in the future to illustrate my point.
I still may develop the property in Nakhonsri, not so far away from Sunpax but I have not been down there for nearly two years. There have been some fairly satisfactory developments in the area, so it must be possible to find decent contractors. Trying to keep them honest is another matter.
In relation to fixing the Smartwood with a nail gun, ensure that they use galvanized nails. The nails have a small head and there is a chance they may break the fibre cement board, so they should exercise care not to fire with too much pressure. They should do a small sample to get it right before doing the main job.
Good luck with this project and the other jobs still to be corrected/finished.
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Re: My little house in mainland front kho Samui...

Postby geordie » Mon Nov 25, 2013 3:18 pm

personally I would be concerned about the intended fixing method ""a nail gun"" compressor driven I have my doubts as to whether the nails will penetrate the board without shattering the blockwork behind Sunpax stand your ground on seeing a sample fixed then see what sort of resistance it has to being pulled off ??
The other unfortunate fact is the nails will unless alloy or stainless rust ultimately alloy nails tend to be larger in diameter because of the weakness of the material wheras sytainless will be massively expensive probably cheaper to fix a frame definitely a more secure method unfortunately what people tend to overlook is even a galvanised frame will eventually rust usually because its mishandled (thrown about and scratched) but even the act of installing a screw breaks the continuity of the galvanised coating so it will rust at the fixing points
Strangely the current project has roughly a 1.5 meter "cap" of shera/conwood cladding but as I have good substrate AAC blocks? concrete colums I will us a combination of screws plugs + the adhesive used to adhere the blocks hopefully it should outlast me
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Re: My little house in mainland front kho Samui...

Postby MikeWest » Mon Dec 02, 2013 12:31 pm

Where's the finished house?
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Re: My little house in mainland front kho Samui...

Postby fredlk » Mon Dec 09, 2013 9:58 am

Sunpax wrote:I have get a quote to put shera on the wall of 600 bahts the m2 ...all incluse

Any news on the work? Good or ..... ? Photos maybe?
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Re: My little house in mainland front kho Samui...

Postby Sunpax » Mon Dec 09, 2013 11:00 am

Because of many differents factor ! the most important is that i am so tired ; and that I cannot do anymore every thing alone in the same time !!! I have decide to be patience and wait april or may to begin again the 3rd cession of work !

Is so difficult to have workers inside your home ! invaders in bedroom, bathroom ect:) I need to pack many things...cover the furniture ect ect.. I am not ready...and that because it will be the same team who will make outside and head is not enought cool for it right now..lollll
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