Additional Read Me: Pics in Your Building Story Threads

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Additional Read Me: Pics in Your Building Story Threads

Postby dozer » Sat Nov 20, 2010 12:36 pm

There are a lot of good suggestions and other ideas which a posted as replies including pictures that are not pictures of the building project in question. In order to keep the threads as concise and organized as possible, suggestions including pictures should be posted on a new thread in the appropriate section.

For example, Ed is doing a building story on building a townhouse in Bangkok. He is having trouble with his septic system and is correctly showing pics of the system as it is being installed. Joe posts a reply stating that his builders installed a septic in a different manner and includes some pictures showing the installation. This makes it harder for someone browsing the thread to see which pics go with the build being shown. Therefore Joe should start a separate thread in the appropriate thead (in this case Water and Plumbing) entitled something like Septic Suggestions and refer back to the original thread.
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