Steel house in Udonthani

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Steel house in Udonthani

Postby Saamlaw » Fri Aug 07, 2009 12:30 am

We are building a house in Udonthani. Instead of the typical concrete and brick method used in Thailand, I opted for light gauge steel framing. Have had a few snaggs and communication problems. The Thai contractor we are using is my wifes cousin-in-law and hadn't built for the framing, before. He is pretty good and trying hard to do things right. 2 of the biggest hurddles we have had is, 1) I am out of the country while all this is going on. And, 2) the frame supplier doesn't seem to want the business. The contractor built the floor and foundation to Thai standards. The floor wasn't flat and level. When the frame met the floor, there had to be a lot of shimming to do to level and support the frame.

We started building the foundation and floor in December and finished January. The foundation ended up a bit over kill. It was designed for the weight of brick and concrete walls. The entire steel frame, walls and roof trusses, weighs in at about 6000 lbs. I think if I had it to do over again, I would do floor joists instead. Plumbing, electric would be much easier to run. The frame was suppose to be delivered in April. I scheduled my vacation to be there. It didn't show up. The framer gave some excuse and it would be there next week. Then, the week after. Never did show. Eventually, he said there were some of the roof framing was damaged and missing and had to be reordered. Finally made it in July.

The frame system we used can be seen at and the machine is manufactured in New Zealand. I was dealing with their agent in BKK. There wasn't a machine to form the frame in Thailand so, the it had to be imported from Philippines. The problem I had with the agent was, he didn't seem to want to come up to UTH to make sure things were going together correctly and issues could be addressed as they came up rather than trying to fix after the fact. When issues arose, he would tell me one thing, my wife something else, and the contractor something else. But, we are getting there. The frame is up and they're putting the roof on starting tomorrow.

I was trying to attach some photos here but, I get "Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached." <Dozer, Fixed: This happens from time to time,PM me to correct the problem if it shows up>

But, if you want to see the progress, I have it posted on ... 14493.html
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Re: Steel house in Udonthani

Postby geordie » Tue Dec 01, 2009 12:57 am

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