Building a 4-room MOTEL in Isaan

Any story related to building in the LOS, whether everything turned out hunky dory or not!

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Re: Building a 4-room MOTEL in Isaan

Postby kknaj » Fri Oct 29, 2010 7:52 pm

geordie wrote:what you have to look for is the embedded heckling that was done elswhere on the forum
the majority of it by one party then supported by a couple of sheep i had the pleasure of meeting jazman when he visited me in chayaphum
Some time in life you take one look at somone and think hmmm don,t like/trust him
Jazman is the oposite a wealth of knowledge on all subjects not just building houses
he actually sat down with me and priced up the cost of the motel we were at 38 rooms just as part of a conversation when the owner joined us for a drink and confirmed the build cost within a couple of thousand baht it convinced me
He gave me a lot of advice in the short time of his visit which helped me through my build without too many problems all free and he had travelled a good few miles to be there
When i joined the forum i had a couple of months for reasearch on thai construction
material prices he helped me through all of that to the extent i thought he was the forum
the prices he gave me i aimed for and in a lot of cases got them but the cynical atitude you can somtimes get is usually because he has advised something correctly but its not the price you are used to seeing / paying that does not make HIM wrong

For sure, The Green house budget and result is what inspired me to build my own house in the first place. I never would have imagined a house could be done that cheap yet good quality and very usable.

One thing forum members need to realize a lot of the farang style houses you are building are being built just for you. And on land often far from cities and not likely to be bought by others were you to want to sell them to local thais or foreigners. The chances of finding a foreigner who has a gf or wife in the same village area that has the cash and same house ideas as you are quite remote. Even a large 4 bedroom 2 story house 25 mins from KK city in my gfs village built by a farang and being sold for less than cost still hasn't been sold after 2 years. The price is 800,000 baht, I wouldn't buy it. Doesn't suit my needs and has no garden what so ever. Not to mention it was painted pink and purple with green titles. Its used for playing cards in by the neighbors :P

So looking down on others designs is pointless. One could easily make fun of each others house as to how unusable it is for oneself or how unsuitable it is for the area its being built. That kind of attitude or talk is not suitable for this forum in my opinion. Offering ideas to better enhance a design is totally different.
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