Holiday House in Khon Kaen - Thomas

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Re: Holiday House in Khon Kaen - Thomas

Postby thomas.fontaine » Sat Oct 31, 2009 12:46 pm

I am back to Khon Kaen this week. Here are 2 pictures of the house with the garden ready. I decided to let the grass grow naturally instead of trying to obtain a perfect golf course putting.



Still no issues with the house so far. We ve put trees and plants already, but not enough. We will put some more next time. Amazing how cheap it is here.
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Re: Holiday House in Khon Kaen - Thomas

Postby thaifly » Wed Nov 04, 2009 9:33 am

thomas.fontaine wrote: I decided to let the grass grow naturally instead of trying to obtain a perfect golf course putting.


its a gidday thomas...its the thai fly from mae rim. nice to hear that u are happy with your build :D :D :D ..........yes matey the above is not a bad idea...... .the fly was going to do it your way.. on the bottom two levels at one stage..but in the end said stuff the lot. the putting green way....for a number of good reasons...the fly have seen many propertys done your way..and they look in great shape..after the rainy season.. i guess it what takes your fancy..and how much time you have available ..the putting green way requires a lots of comparsion to your way..and heaps and heaps of water during the dry fact a sprinkler system is a must... u will find the bare patches that appear around your build is left over rubble soil from the construction..just give it a little dig out ..and the grass will evenytually grow there..very nice pics...its a done my dough on the melbourne usual. :cry: :cry: :cry: .GIDDAY TO ALL..its the thai fly from mae rim
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Re: Holiday House in Khon Kaen - Thomas

Postby Poi Fai Malaiporn » Wed Nov 11, 2009 5:26 pm

hello thomas !

this is a very nice house you build here.. congrats !!

I love that style and seems that the garden will be very nice as well, good that you didn't go for the english grass everywhere.. I found it ridiculous.. specialy in asia where u have to waste so much water to take car of it.. and that is not giving any shadow and cool place to spot on day and evening time.

May i ask you wich type of glass you got with with your windows, here i had to choose between the normal one.. the black one and the green one.. plus a special mirror blue effect that looks like UFO type... I'd like to have not tinted.. but anti UV glass.. seems difficult to get here.. laminated is unknown by the glass installor here.. :(

have fun and Enjoy your house .. sanuk !!
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