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Wooden Windows

Postby jazzman » Sun Feb 25, 2007 5:43 pm

Copied from forum: Thai names for construction stuff
henkb52 wrote:Hi guys,

I'm deciding on kinds of wood for the windows (wongkobs ??)
And i'm getting offers for different kinds of wood.

Mai yaang
mai man phaa
mai teng

a .....(wongkob) with three different windows like the ones in your house are for mai teng 1500 baht and for mai man phaa 900 baht. These are prices without the windows.

can anybody give me the translation and a suggestion for which is best for windows?

thanks in advance.

Greeting Henk

dozer wrote:ไม้ยาง mai yaang - used for window frames. better than mai deng.
ไม้ยางพารา mai yaang paa raa- the wood from rubber tree. used for form wood or 1 x 3" boards used in rafters. it is confusing since they both are 'rubber tree', but this one is just for cheaper stuff.

วงกบหน้าต่างwong gop naa dtang - window frame.
ไม้เต็งmai deng (the same as mai nua keng ไม้เนื้อแข็ง) - OK for windows, medium quality.
ไม้สัก - mai sak. teak wood. most expensive, normally too expensive to use for windows.

ไม้มะข้า - mai ma kaa - cheaper than teak, more expensive than mai yaang.

Think mai ma kaa is a good way to go, but it is hard to find. mai deng isn't that great but it is what people normally use.
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