Curtains, Blinds and other Window soft stuff

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Curtains, Blinds and other Window soft stuff

Postby jazzman » Tue Feb 13, 2007 3:51 pm

This is a HOT tip :!:

It's a costly mistake Jazzman made when he designed his house :oops:
Jazzman boldly went ahead and designed his own house, but much in the look and feel of a contemporary, middle class Thai house. He used familiar dimensions from Thailand, such as the 3.5 x 3.5 or 4 x 4 floor cell matrix, and old familiar measurements from France for his doors and windows...

Well the doors turned out OK
, because (probably more by coincidence than by design) they use 80 x 200 in Thailand too. But the beautiful top-of-the-range aluminium windows nearly left us waiting until Jazzman can draw his old age pension to be able to afford curtains or blinds.

Curtains? Blinds?

Jazzman designed eleven windows at a standard (he thought) modular size of 150 x 120. So when we went looking for nice, modern blinds for the living room of the kind that let some light in , but keep heat out, and apart from that , look really cool 8) , we found that in the ready made sizes, and there were many, nothing was suitable for 150 x 120. They were either to long and too narrow, or to wide and too short. "Mai mi panha" said the sales girl with a smile in HomePro, "You can oder any custom dimensions. They come in one week."

It turned out that custom sizes, with the same mechanism, and same material cost FIVE TIMES more than the off-the-peg ones.
The aluminium windows, sliding, complete with fly-screen cost 5,000 baht each. We thought we would give blinds a miss at nearly 10,000 baht to cover them :!:

Jazzman HATES curtains.
He's been a batchelor for 35 years and never had the things. But Mrs Jazzman pipes up "Then we have curtains." OMG!

Well, curtains or drapes (if you are from the US) it will now probably have to be. Fortunately there is one member of this board who has all the hot tips for making some not-so-boring things for covering windows, and made all her own AND they look real cool.
So Cruising, if you'll forgive me for making a recommendation, I guess your PM box will soon be overflowing.
Thanks for your tips - Jazzman was at least able to coax his wife away from her concept of those awful velours tasseled things you see in Turkey and the rest of Asia.

And if any readers are contemplating designing their own houses, DO check out the standard sizes of ready made blinds and/or drapes first.
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Don't let this happen in YOUR house.
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