Floods, droughts, tsunami's and other natural disasters affecting coolthaihouse.members.

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Re: Droughts

Postby Roger Ramjet » Thu Jul 16, 2015 8:52 am

schuimpge wrote:We had regular Army truck service from future park to Pathumthani that was totally free versus non-local people with boats charging an arm and a leg for just getting 100 meter over water.
There where plenty of reports on these 'services' like strewing broken bottles in the water and other means to ensure people had to use their service..

We, you keep talking of we, yet just down the road from you one of our members Geordie was reporting the exact opposite. How do you know they were non-local people or are you one of those rumour starters like the police who claim every crime or imcident was committed by the Cambodians or Burmese?
I travelled for miles by boat once I got to the way station and the only army I saw were in my dreams. There was none even in Bang Bua Thong when I could get around that way. Nobody in Nontharburi saw hide nor hair of them.
schuimpge wrote:Management (if you can call it that) was handled by a national crisis team which was consisting of more than only BMA. Military was deployed by, and issued orders by, that team of which Yingluck was the PIC and of which the Major was a member.

What do you think I've been saying for the last 4 years?
schuimpge wrote:RR, you are trying to paint a picture where all problems came from BMA governor. A bit simplistic at the very least.

I am saying that our problems came from the BMA governor, yours apparently came from "scum".
schuimpge wrote:In no way would I call these local people scum as you are trying to imply.
That's what you called them, "scum", not me. I am implying only the Thai army was nowhere in sight and did nothing where I lived at Pak Kret and Bang Bua Thong, it's you who are singing their praises.
Let me quote what you said again:
schuimpge wrote:Coming back to the drought, it rained plenty here in Pathum tonight, doesn't help directly on water supply but sure helps the farmers, which means less siphoning of water from tap supply

And if you like I'll quote you from further back where you claimed the only source of our tap water came from 18 kilometres up stream from the Chao Phraya River and there was no way that salt could get in our drinking water because the Thai engineers were too smart for that, until I corrected that statement.
I am never simplistic, I call things as I see them, not as some rosy red portrait that lacks any real colour.
I know what the farmers do, I live right in the middle of paddy fields. Those klongs you talk about are for irrigation, they are not for tap water and once the farmers irrigate their land they pump the water back out again, back into the klong. If you think that's where your tap water comes from then you certainly didn't read the links I posted. The water plant will not get the water, that water goes into the river and keeps the salt incursion at bay.
If you think I'm taking a simplistic view you need to read a newspaper, or just feed Bangkok drinking water into Google. Even at Thai Visa they are laying the blame where it should fall, on bad planning going back years and gittery bureaucrats who let the water go from the dams early because they thought there might be another flood. Those bureaucrats came from the BMA, EGAT and the royal irrigation department even against the wishes of the two experts, Dr Seri and Dr. Smith. Didn't you bother to read the articles I posted? I didn't post them for my benefit, I posted them so that other people might get some understanding of the problem that is about to occur in August, which is just 14 days away, if there is no rain in the catchment areas.
As for your comments about the farmers "stealing" the drinking water, I find that rather selfish. A man must make a living and if they do it by farming rice, far be it for me to sit back in my ivory tower and tell them they can't. I bet you haven't banned the use of water at your factory, heaven forbid, you have to keep the factories going even while the peasants starve. Mao would have appauded you.
Finally, I have asked the moderator of this thread, that I started, to lock it down as it has not served the purpose it was opened for; To warn the people that there may be a drinking water shortage in August and to prepare for it.
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Re: Droughts

Postby Roger Ramjet » Thu Jul 16, 2015 9:18 am

Perhaps you'd like to read the lead editorial in the Bangkok Post. I know it's a second class rag and pro coup and pro democrat, but sometimes they even excel themselves.
http://www.bangkokpost.com/opinion/opin ... y-folk-win
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