The Spratly Islands and other Chinese infiltrations

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Re: The Spratly Islands and other Chinese infiltrations

Postby MGV12 » Wed Jul 13, 2016 4:03 pm

South China Sea: China 'has right to set up air defence zone'

A senior Chinese official has said China has the right to set up an air defence zone over territory it claims in the South China Sea.
The statement from Vice-Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin comes a day after an international tribunal said there was no legal basis for China's claims.

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Re: The Spratly Islands and other Chinese infiltrations

Postby Roger Ramjet » Wed Jul 13, 2016 8:16 pm

It appears that China thinks it can bully the UN and every other nation that uses the airspace over the South China Sea. All it will take is for a radio to go out after take-off and China could/might/would shoot it down. Funny how Japan could have shot down two Chinese combat aircraft encroaching in Japanese airspace, but didn't, they just warned them with "missile locked on". The Chinese will make the mistake of thinking all air traffic is on Guard Channel and that they can all hear the missile locked on warning, even commercial and non commercial airlines.
I wonder what Russia will do if one of their passenger planes gets slotted? :lol: ... cials.html
China newspapers are even calling for war. I bet they didn't tell the Chinese people that two US Carrier Fleets are sitting in the Philippines fully armed and Japan is at the equivalent of DEFCOM 2 along with Taiwan and South Korea.
If one US Carrier Fleet threatened me I'd be very careful with the rhetoric and idle threats.
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