The Phuket doomsday rumour

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The Phuket doomsday rumour

Postby MGV12 » Fri Apr 20, 2012 7:04 pm

PHUKET: -- Phuket Governor Tri Akaradecha on Friday ordered that a complaint be filed with police against persons spreading rumours that doomsday will arrive in Phuket by April 28.

The rumours have been spreading like wildfire ever since a quake rocked Phuket on Monday causing panic among many locals. Several aftershocks have followed, with a tremor of 3.2 magnitude felt at 2am on Friday.

"Messages are have posted on Facebook and leaflets distributed warning people to evacuate Phuket by April 28," Phuket's disaster prevention and mitigation chief Wiroj Suwanwong told police.

He filed the complaint at the Mueang Phuket Police Station on behalf of Tri.

"We want to see fast action against the individuals who are spreading the rumours," Wiroj said. "Such actions are punishable by both a fine and a jail term".

Tri [?] said he was ready to give up his post if Phuket were to really disappear from the world by April 28.

"Please have confidence in the authorities. Rumours are just rumours. Aftershocks will continue for seven more days but they won't cause any big shaking," Tri said.

Tambon Si Sunthorn Municipality mayor Worawut Songyos meanwhile disclosed that the quakes had damaged more than 170 houses in his area.

"The number of complaints from people keeps rising," he said.


My footnote: This suggests he will be taking precautions and won't be there at the time!

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Re: The Phuket doomsday rumour

Postby thailazer » Fri Apr 20, 2012 9:24 pm

MGV... Not many replies to your post. Everyone must be out buying amulets for protection....
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