Water Mist System (cost vs. benefits)

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Water Mist System (cost vs. benefits)

Postby dannywla » Tue Jun 05, 2007 8:46 pm

Having recently completed my home in Phu Khieo, Chaiyaphum, Issan Thailand. I have been looking at ways to make my home as comfortable as possible when I am in LOS.

Having seen the above system in action in Las Vegas, Palm Springs and even at some restaurants in Bangkok. My decision to purchase was a no brainier.

The cost including installation around the entire home and and including along the basketball "backcourt", the system includes a self timing automatic pressure system, that includes 40, high pressure brass nozzles. Three zones, so the entire system does not have to be on always. Cost 90,000. thai baht.

The benefits are as follows:
1. Reduce the ambient temperature 5-10 celsius.
2. Reduce energy cost, as the AC condensers will be cooled and during the daytime hours I can enjoy the shade in my yard.
3. Control the infestation of mosquitos, as a result of the system being activated at daybreak and sunrise.
4. Allow the growth of exotic orchids, plants that could not normally be grown without such a system.

My questions to my fellow expats, is have you looked at that system,and what is your overall opinions?
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Postby Nawty » Wed Jun 06, 2007 5:43 pm

Have you actually installed it yet ??

I find 10 degrees hard to believe...thats like normal temp here of 35 down to 25 in the immediate vicnity of the area treated.

I certainly have never felt such a temp drop in any of the shops/restaurants that employ this system.

Let me know if it works on the mossies as then it would truly be worth it.

Also, how much water does it use for a days operation and electricity ?
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