Water-cooling of the roof

Air conditioning, fans, and anything related to keeping it cool, such as insulation. This would include any posts generally discussing how to keep it cool, such as which types of blocks are better insulators.... ideal wall thickness for keeping an A/C house cool, etc.

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Re: Water-cooling of the roof

Postby oil » Sat Jun 14, 2014 8:48 pm

Makmak456 wrote:that would be 20 c over air temp
now i am confused, so how much cooler then outside would it be?
cant be 20 C not even a AirCon can bring it down like that on a sunny day
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Re: Water-cooling of the roof

Postby Andyfteeze » Sun Aug 31, 2014 12:39 am

foam under the roof is only a part solution. Ideally, very good insulation on the ceiling, r4.5. - r7. The roof material then doesnt matter. If the roof space is ventilated, the roof acts as shade and so the ambient temperature in there will never be more than in the shade outside and then the thermal barrier does its work. And it does!
You then have to add the walls and windows into the equation. Water on the roof will achieve zilch. Remember the question. What am i trying to achieve? Cool the roof or the house? The heat radiating from the walls and through the windows will swamp any effect cooling the roof may have.
Water on the roof? You have thought about the problem so much, you have grasped a crazy idea and , and, and..... Trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, lol. Let me be the devils advocate for you. It is crazy. You are investing all your energy worried about the roof when in actual fact the roof is only 1/3 of your problems. Lift your focus from the minute details as to how to make the water work and look at the big picture. Don't waste anymore of your brainpower on this idea, it will end in tears! If it had any merit on its own, it would be widely used. It isn't for very good reasons!
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