Roof Ventilation system?

Air conditioning, fans, and anything related to keeping it cool, such as insulation. This would include any posts generally discussing how to keep it cool, such as which types of blocks are better insulators.... ideal wall thickness for keeping an A/C house cool, etc.

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Re: Roof Ventilation system?

Postby fredlk » Sat Apr 30, 2011 5:50 pm

otis-a wrote:however over time dust & other nonreflective stuffs will accumulate to reduce reflectivity.

You are quite correct and that is why I installed a Clean Colorbond roof which is non-stick, self-cleaning and guaranteed not to attract mould or other dirt for 30 years. :D
Of course if it hasn't rained for a couple of months they recommend you turn the hose on the roof to wash away the dust. I've already seen how well it works. There was some P.U.Foam which blew onto the roof when they sprayed the underside. It washed away while all the foam is still sticking to the non-Colorbond underside.
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Re: Roof Ventilation system?

Postby sezze » Fri May 13, 2011 1:45 am

I have the same roof as kknaj but with the difference of higher roof and no insulation . I'm getting pretty worried since the ceiling is getting closer to installation ( as is , difficult to fix after , when it does get too hot ) . I wil try fo find a mushroom type roof vent but i've never seen it ( not the circular blade things ) in my area . I think i'm going to put in some force venting from bathroom. There was a wall fan going in anyway , but chinging it to ceiling fan like this ... d.php?id=9 would blow the air out of the bathroom above the ceiling driving hot air out . There are types available with hose attachment so you can get the air in at the hottest point to drive the air above the ceiling around and actually venting it forcefull. I probably will install some minor isolation above the ceiling just in case and that would sort out the heat . Since the roof isn't sprayed , there are some minor holes here and there where the hot air can escape but probably not enough .
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Re: ventilation

Postby 116ahcops » Wed Oct 19, 2011 2:14 am

remember the only airflow that can come out is equal to the air flow that goes in..... your ridge intake must be large enough to match the surface area of the ventilator holes. Cant be too much. notice some of the structure of the roof design on old thai buildings. If the roof is designed correctly, you may not need air conditioned.
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