Cost of equipment needed to clean your pool and buying.

Any thing to do with swimming pools, fish ponds, or other man made structures which hold water (but not wells for drinking water).

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Cost of equipment needed to clean your pool and buying.

Postby peace » Tue Nov 28, 2006 12:07 pm

Whats the cost of equipment needed to clean your own pool and are all the shops selling them about the same price?
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Postby jazzman » Thu Dec 07, 2006 10:21 am

How long is a piece of string? :wink:
It depends totally on the size of your pool, the quality of your water, the kind of water treatment you use (manual addition of chemicals or saltwater-chlorinator etc.), whether you need to use a lot of Ph+ or Ph-, and the rate of filtration and the kind of filter media (fine silica sand or Zellbrite). To keeps costs of chemicals and cleaning poles with their various attachments down to a minimum, the pump/filter combination should be able to do a complete cycle in about 6 hours every 24 hours.
Buy chemicals such as Ph+, Ph-, algicide, chlorine etc in bulk, preferably from an industrial chemicals supplier who doesn't know what you need it for, as the pool equipment shops will charge you ten times more because if you have a pool, you are filthy rich and can afford to be ripped off :(
For suction cleaning equipment, there a re several pool suplies shops on Sukumwit, look them all up on the web - they all have sites - and in Isaan, probably the firm Interwater in Khon Kaen is your safest bet.

The commonest way to keep the floor and walls clean of a domestic pool (up to about 100,000 litres) is with a 'Baracuda' vacuum head on its long pole. If you are buyimng this kind of equipment, get it while on a trip to Australia or Europe and bring it back in your baggage allowance. Buying it locally in Toyland will cost roughly double.
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