Reg. Water Inlets

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Reg. Water Inlets

Postby oil » Wed Dec 06, 2017 2:25 pm

back from vacation and got some more money to continue my DIY pool built, and i got this question...
basically my pool will have almost 60.000 Liters and i was wondering about the pipe layout a bit ..
on the top layout ... assuming i have the same running meters to each water inlet... i would assume to have the same water pressure everywhere. but then its a shitload of T - Pieces which will eventually slow down the water flow quite a bit,
and since i plan to put the pipes in the walls... its a lots of piping within the wall as well...

on the other had if i just make a straight line... sure out of the first from the pump room the most water will get out, but my guess would be its neglectable cause the overall water flow would still be better...
i could be wrong... hence i thought i ll ask here..

p.s. reason for doing the pipes within the wall is this... in our area .. the filled (compressed) soil sinks in per year a good 10-20 cm... if i had the piping outside the wall, i am afraid they will crack unless i built the pool over years

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Re: Reg. Water Inlets

Postby Rdteth » Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:14 am

Go for the straight line.
That will work just fine and in the end you can always adjust the flow with your fittings.(somehow).
I have seen the most exotic ideas on this subject, but probably such " inventors" have something to sell.
6 water out ; coming in on 1 side.
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