Rainy Season Pool Care

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Rainy Season Pool Care

Postby smeestu » Thu May 08, 2014 9:55 am

As i stated in previous posts im a new pool owner and this is going to be my first rainy season i wonder how other people here cope with the heavy rain over the next 5-6 months . I built my own pool which has a surge tank with a overflow so i suppose it is just a case of letting it overflow but it seems like im going to use a lot more chlorine trying to stop it going green during this period what do other members do ? . Can salt water chlorinators stay on top of this in this time of year any better .Do people run there pumps longer this time of year

i have a inline chlorine feeder at the moment which under normal conditions works very well.
Or do some people just "let it go" and do a full clean after the end of the rains .
Does anyone use a cover to help if so what does it help and cost/supplier
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Re: Rainy Season Pool Care

Postby Klondyke » Thu Jun 19, 2014 8:24 pm

I have not experienced any problem with rainy water. In fact, I am rather longing for more rain to get my water system (by iron contaminated) relaxed a bit. And I do not use much chlorine for the pool, instead regularly a reasonable amount of copper sulphate to avoid grows of algae. Then regularly (every 2 -3 days) adding a bit (ca. 1/3 of plastic cooking ladle) of chlorine granulate in the overflow tank to get it sucked by pump into the system.

This low chlorine concentration - not much detectable by a test device, however, enough for killing the worst bacteria. Besides, as the water is never fully free of residua of iron and heavy metals, more chlorine (as recommended for public pools) always causes discoloration of the water. With this procedure I have been able to swim every day in a clear water troughout the whole year.
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