waterproofing additive

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Re: waterproofing additive

Postby jazzman » Mon Dec 21, 2009 8:35 am

grant wrote:
enzo wrote:
I have another question. Light for pool are somewhere not so cheap.
I saw some small spot light (glass and steel) with led light 12 v .
It looks quite waterproof for the exterrior, maybe just need little bit silicone .

Underwater pool LED lights are extremely expensive. I've decided to go with 100 watt 12v halogen surface mount lights. When the price of the LED lights comes down to a reasonable level and quality, they can easily be changed out.

This should of course be in a dedicated thread, but interesting to know is that LED swimming pool lights are now coming down in price and can be considered as an alternative. Let us not forget that the term 'expensive' is relative. For example, if one can afford an extra 1,000 baht per m2 or more for luxury tiles instead of standard pool tiles, or a salt water chlorinator, the cost of LED lights is insignificant.
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