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Electric Comment on Original Site

Postby dozer » Sun Mar 14, 2010 12:23 pm

I noticed in the electrical section a description of the wiring at the back of a panel where you had red, white, and green wires. All the cables that are sold here (Chiang Rai) are black and grey (haven't seen a 3 wire cable including an earth yet). From my observations black is supposed to be active (this is predominantly the way most houses are wired up although Thais seem to be a bit casual about this. I have found the grey used for active many times). You talk about positive and negative in the above mentioned description. This is not the right terminology I believe as it is AC so there is no positive and negative. Active and neutral are the correct terms I believe. It is very important that we identify positive and neutral because we should always switch the positive for safety reasons. Switching the neutral leaves the appliance live even if switched off. This is something Thais are very casual about also I have found.

Comment on the original coolthaihouse photo section of the site..... In Thai they have three wire designations สายไฟ (sia fia) which would be Active, สายนิวทรัล (sia neutral) which would be Neutral and another one is สายดิน (sia din) which is earth. Normally we always use the individual wires and the convention my sparky says is valid is Red (Active), White or Black (Neutral) and Green (Earth). If you buy the wires with multiple strands in one wire, the two wire setup comes with black and grey which is what you are referring to I think. You can use these in combination with the earth wire. The earth wire can be of a different lesser size than the active/neutral.
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