flooring and decorative walls

Anything to do with prices. Raw material prices or prices for finished material (or labor such as well drilling). Project prices (how much will it cost??), etc.

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flooring and decorative walls

Postby glennb6 » Sun Jun 23, 2013 11:54 am

Tile floors of various grades seem the standard for most flooring. To bring me up to date, for 'good to better' grade materials and install costs, what's the going rate range in Pattaya/Phuket/Hua Hin houses and condos?

If I wanted to do a decorative 'stone face' or 'brick face' look to some interior condo or house walls over existing cement block type walls, and nice work (not Somchai and his uncle) with the same criteria as above, anyone care to venture cost range?

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