roof and wall lining

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roof and wall lining

Postby PaulS » Thu Dec 27, 2012 4:14 pm

Hi guys,
In NZ (and sometimes in Oz) when we build a new house we use black building paper (called "sarking" in Oz apparently). A roll of it could be 75m long by about 1.2m wide. We wrap it around the wooden wall studs and the wood roofing construction. In doing so, when we put the exterior wall cladding on and the galvanised roof on it is much less likely that rain water will be able to seep (or drip) onto the interior plasterboard/gib board. Comprende?? Im about to relocate an old house from Esan and rebuild it. Im gonna do the house nice on the inside so I want to use this building paper. I CAN'T find it in Thailand at all. I know that there is the aluminium wrap to repel heat etc. but thats not really what I want.
I want the building paper that is stapled on with each layer overlapping the other so the rain water dont get in!
got any suggestions??
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Re: roof and wall lining

Postby Makmak456 » Sun Dec 30, 2012 9:42 am

In the USA we call it "tar paper", and it is used under a shingle roof, and in warmer areas it is used under "rendering" when used to build walls.
A "stucco" house has walls of tar paper and chicken wire with the plaster/render the actual wall.

Maybe if you transliterate "tar paper" into Thai and try that ??????
sorry couldn't be more help.
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Re: roof and wall lining

Postby Roger Ramjet » Sun Dec 30, 2012 12:16 pm

It's called tar paper in Australia or was, but I'm well out of touch.
I have never seen it in Thailand.
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Re: roof and wall lining

Postby Shastadad » Mon Dec 31, 2012 11:15 am

This thread is confusing to me

Does the OP plan on building a wood house here in Thailand, if not, then concrete buildings would have no use for either tar paper or Tyvek

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Re: roof and wall lining

Postby Makmak456 » Wed Jan 02, 2013 8:20 am

tyvac is far better than tar paper, but it is much more expensive. Is it even possible to buy it here ????
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Re: roof and wall lining

Postby Sometimewoodworker » Wed Jan 02, 2013 11:02 am

Is it needed? Ia would like to know.

For a concrete house I think the answer is no. If you build as the Thai's do with a wood house the answer is no, as in a Thai wood house airflow is needed.
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Re: roof and wall lining

Postby Makmak456 » Sun Jan 06, 2013 10:44 pm

Only if your planning on Air-Con, in a thai style wood house.
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Re: roof and wall lining

Postby DBS » Sun Dec 08, 2013 8:03 pm

Copied from the net-

house wrap is essential when cladding a wood framed house to provide additional home home insulation .

This product is the minimum insulation required on frame walls, but in harsher climates extra protection can be in the form of extra interior frame sarking plus inner wall insulation

Sometimes called sarking, it is a waterproof but vapor permeable flexible sheet material that is fixed directly behind timber cladding or under roofing material. Its primary function in walls is to prevent wind- and storm-driven water penetrating the cladding and to direct it back to the outside of the structure instead of it lodging within the frame.

Professionals will say that the best insulation for homes includes sarking, which will provide a draft proof barrier to keep wind driven rain or dust out of the wall cavity.
Impermeable aluminium foil, or other non-permeable material should never be used as sarking immediately behind timber cladding. It is good practice to use a vapor permeable sarking on the outside of studs, and directly under the timber cladding.

While sarking is used for general waterproofing,flashing is used at corners and vertical joints, and around opening.
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Re: roof and wall lining

Postby geordie » Fri Dec 13, 2013 2:14 pm

If you read the OP he is talking about relocating a timber style Thai house and wants a vapour barrier however it need to allow air penetration to allow the timber to breath
Not sure how tar paper (roofing felt in uk) would fit the bill other than its 3 ft wide so needs overlaps which I suppose is the breathing that being so roofing foil (plastic ) should fit the bill if allowance is made for breathing IE: horizontal strips 3ft or a meter wide with overlaps or fix the foil behind the plasterboard / internal wall covering but the downside then is the internal materials are protected but ther may be ingress of water to the cavity from poor fitted cladding shrinkage being one of the problems lack of an adequate overlap on the cladding timber
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