what kind of quality do you get for 10000 baht/square metre?

Anything to do with prices. Raw material prices or prices for finished material (or labor such as well drilling). Project prices (how much will it cost??), etc.

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Re: what kind of quality do you get for 10000 baht/square metre?

Postby kknaj » Mon Nov 01, 2010 10:39 pm

maggy wrote:i promise to be careful about who to employ on this "dream project ". I totally agree that it is almost a moral obligation to pay a decent fair salary if you hire locals (more than they usually get) , in the end they need to provide for someone too.I really like the unselfish attitude of MGV12 and fredlk,more people from the "rich" part of our world should reason like that. Dozer, i also agree that the already rich contractors, farang or not, are the people you need to be careful with, choose them with caution and remember to draw up a well written contract in english with help from an able and trustworthy lawyer...

I know this is a bit late... I also wanted to pay more than the going rate but after reading enough stories and examples I realized there is no better result and often works in reverse. Drawn out projects, slow and lazy workers etc.

The better option would be to promote good work with regular awards when they are productive. Such as buying them food, fanta/coke and ice or whiskey (after work) These go down very well. Also you could offer a final bonus if the work done proves high quality. Even 1-2,000 baht per worker and a bottle of beer. I wouldn't pay the boss builder a particularly large bonus at the end since he is already getting the bulk of the profit. How about giving the workers the bonus directly once job well done. Not through the boss builder. They may never actually see the money :P

Giving in one lump sum of 1-2,000 baht would go further too since they have the large amount at one time rather than squandered over a long period.

There are other forms of bonus or reward. This is an idea I've heard in various forms: a universal law on the subject would be:

Reward productive people to get more production - inversely, when you reward low production you get more low production. Giving a higher wage to low producers is rewarding them and you'll just get more of the same.

This is demonstrably true in any field or en devour.
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