Thai House Cost Estimator Script

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Thai House Cost Estimator Script

Postby old_expat » Mon May 25, 2009 12:31 pm

I know this is similar to walking across a minefield, but I have a new website in progress about "Moving to Thailand". One of the projects I'm undertaking is a calculator for estimating building costs. I have done a similar calculator on another site for estimating a budget for living in Thailand.

I plan to make the calculator as flexible as possible using "pulldown" menus with as many different options as practical. Examples might be:

  • Location (Labor costs in BKK will be different from the labor costs in Chiang Rai.)
  • Quality (maybe five options)
  • Interior finish (marble, granite, tile, wood floors)
  • Foundation type
  • Type of roof (and 1.x sq m of roof for every sq m of house area)
  • Plot area (for wall is desired)
  • And a whole lot more
  • Extras (patios, balconies, garden, pool, etc.
I'm looking for advice and assistance in determining what basic elements to include, base prices, options for each basic element, "multipliers" for different locations (IOW, is BKK 1.5X Chiang Rai or ?).

My approach assumes that someone must be willing to do their own research on land prices.

So I'm looking for constructive suggestions, either here in this thread or via PM.

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Re: Thai House Cost Estimator Script

Postby lauren » Thu Jan 06, 2011 5:06 am

i could highly benefit from such a site!
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