Recycled wood floors

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Recycled wood floors

Postby Nawty » Tue Apr 08, 2008 3:34 pm

Yesterday I visited a couple of recyled wood yards which I had found a few months ago and had the thought of possibly using recycled wood for various areas in a house to be built one day.

I got a price from a very nice old guy, very nice old guys are the ones to be more wary of, anyway it was expensive, more expensive than new wood.

But it did have its plus' and minus' to it.

To start with the wood was 'Makah' and the floorboards were 6 inch I think or thereabouts in width, tongue and grooved. They were various lengths of not less than 2m and not more than 3m. These were old planks that had been re milled, tongue and grooved and planed nicely but not sanded. They had nail holes in them.

He was asking 2000b per sqm not laid.

In contrast, we have had prices of between 1400b psqm and 1900b psqm for the same wood new in Bkk, but only AA grade and short lengths of 1m to 1.5m and the cheaper price of 1400b was for 1m to 1.2m only. We have on order for a current job AA at 1700b psqm.

Now this 'nice old guys' arguement against the expensive price was that old wood will always cost more because it will not change shape on you, it is what it is.

I can in a way agree with his arguement, but in reality recycled wood really in my mind should not be more expensive than new. Otherwise where is the incentive to use it above the new wood and help save the trees etc.

You also end up with nail holes in your finished product and unless it is that look you are after, an increased price is not going to win you over to buying it.

I would dearly like to use recycled wood for this house in certain areas. This is my first attempt at pricing this material and wondering if anyone else has done so also. Remember this is for the finsihed wood and Makah only, not just picking it up from the yard, but planed and tongue and grooved.

What I like about it, the colour was very nice, it was old and dried well. It was long lengths, I like longer rather than shorter boards. The idea of recycling and old tree and not cutting down a new one for my home is a nice idea.
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Postby dozer » Tue Apr 08, 2008 6:40 pm

There is a related post here:

Grant says that he bought the recycled wood for half the price of new by buying an entire wood house.

Ms Dozer does say that in general the used recycled wood is more expensive because it is aged as you were also told.
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Postby Nawty » Wed Apr 09, 2008 8:41 am

Yes I read that before and obviously you still have to pay for the wood to be T & G'd and planed etc.

Interestingly enough this 'nice old guys' price for large wood for beams etc was very good.

Also he is obviously making a good margin on this as he is not buying the wood for anywhere near this price.
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Postby grant » Fri Apr 11, 2008 9:19 am

He is indeed making a very nice profit if he is charging you anywhere near the price of new. Stability is a selling point but I would argue that it is also old as opposed to new, and has nail holes (I personally like this effect but would use it as a negative for negotiating purposes). You could purchase the large wooden beams and then have them cut into floor boards. I will be doing this with some of the large beams that came with the old house that I bought. T&G may not be necessary with old wood because of it's inherent stability. I've seen plank floors from recycled wood that were not T&G and they were gorgeous but the uneven look and is probably not for everyone. One of the main benefits of using recycled wood (apart from the main ecological benefit) is the use of wide planks. If you can find wide planks from new wood today, it's been harvested illegally most likely.

It's best if you can find recycled wood before it's been cut or finished in any way. The board lengths will often be 5-7 m each and you can then cut and plane them yourself (the planer cost about 12,000 baht) or hire some day labor do it for you.
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Postby Nawty » Sun Apr 20, 2008 10:15 am

Well, bought 120sqm of Makah yesterday for floors in house in Bkk.

Here are the prices plus a couple of extra tit bits.

What I bought was 1.5m lengths, 4 inch at 1700b psqm.

Next loads coming in are supposedly rising in price to 1900b.

We had visited many wood shops over pat 12 months, both alone and the builder. We found just now that there is a shortage of wood about as many shops simply did not have it.

The shop we bought from also had...

Makah 6inch at 2800b psqm

Teak 6 inch at 3400b psqm (which looked very nice)

This is not installed. Prices for installation were 400/500b psqm for interest sake.

The wood we have is not as nice as I had hoped to get, but crunch time and had to get it to finish the job. Hopefully the finished product will look nice. I shall post when done.

This is not my house to live in, so I may well use the recycled wood eventually for another house next year. But will be looking for better prices than the original post of 2k psqm.
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