Sump Pump- for Basement Toilet

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Re: Sump Pump- for Basement Toilet

Postby Klondyke » Sat Feb 03, 2018 10:38 am

Yes, there is here a great choice of sewage pumps, starting from some 1,300 B. They call it here Dae-woo, I was said it means "can take all". However, it does not take all, neither all sewage, just any dirty water if in an excavation or in a tank. The strain at the bottom inlet does not allow taking larger junks, sometimes few leaves and grass stuck to the strain clogging the inlet. they have to be brushed off.

Many times I have dismantled such pump when cleaning a dirt and iron rust out of my sand tank filter cascade, when larger corns of sand were sucked in, causing the pump being blogged.

This kind of pumps once not submersed in a very deep water does not always suck immediately, some of them having a kind of a swim valve inside or some just keeping an air bubble inside that has to be forced out by shaking or a repeated start/stop, sometimes a test of nerves.

So, after my extensive experience with many such pumps (and many dismanteling) I am wondering whether - besides the huge cost of an expensive pump from an import - is it worth of the hassle?

BTW, where such a "waste" from a toilet should be pumped to?

The sewage can be led to a usual sump (septic) tank with a slow seeping in a terrain around, just considering the levels that it goes by gravitation. And should - after years - the tank be full, the Tesabaan people with the sewage truck can help against some 1,000 Baht - no need to come in a touch with such a "waste".
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Re: Sump Pump- for Basement Toilet

Postby kmanonmaui » Tue Feb 06, 2018 9:10 pm

A pump is never the right pump unless it meets its purpose. Those posted by Jerome are not ejection pumps (I believe) and are not designed (as the ones I purchased) to accumulate a certain amount of waste and then shoot it up (up to 3-5 meters) into the existing 4" waste water line via a 45 degree inlet at the top side of the existing pipe.

I was a bit disappointed in the smaller pump I received as it does have a macerator on it, which really is not necessary for a two inch line into a 4 inch main and absent lady's products being put town the toilet. The one I have in the US is perfect. No macerator, ejects the material after about 15-20 flushes or so. Never had an issue with it. But, their "distributor" for Asia was very unresponsive. So, I bought the ones I posted. Will advise how they work out.

Never meant to imply it made fiscal sense. Many things I do are not fiscally responsible, but in pursuit of happiness :-)

This is the pump I have in the US:

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