Pump types and sizes?

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Re: Pump types and sizes?

Postby Ians » Wed Aug 24, 2016 1:20 pm

"FWIW Also our instant water heater is a 3kw model; it is fine for most of the year, but after 10 years seems to struggle to get the water hot enough (over 35 degrees) during the cold season, I have to reduce the flow almost to the minimum.

I would guess that a 6kw model will be no problem."

Same same, I replaced ours with 4.5 kw units which sorted the problem. Careful changing to 6kw units, the power cable maybe undersized for this load and the C/breaker may be also undersized.
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Re: Pump types and sizes?

Postby marcas » Fri Aug 26, 2016 7:30 pm

What I have done is, connected to the village water pipe for now. There is a small pipe in front of the house, which services the house opposite. I don't know if any other use it, but was told the pressure was no good, so in the next street, there is a large bore pipe, I ran a pipe from that to the house and got lots of pressure. As I still have other things to buy at the moment, I weighed up the costs, which were......around 800 baht per year for village water, or buy pumps and tank etc to use the well at around 20k to start with........no contest! If there are any problems later with cuts or low pressure, I'll have another think about pumps.
The water heater is a Steibel Eltron (think thats right) 6kw. When first connected, it was only giving luke warm water, so I asked the electrician if he could do anything about it? answer, no! I couldn't believe that, as a 3kw shower burns your head on full. Anyway, I consulted the instructions (which they didn't............hence water pipes in wrong place!!!!) and found you can adjust the flow inside the box. Now working ok and my Mrs has tested a couple of hot baths already. Bath was a bind to do, but it put a smile on her face, so was worth it in the end. :D
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