Domestic sized water filter

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Domestic sized water filter

Postby PNGeo » Tue Feb 09, 2016 5:44 pm

I am thinking about a simple and effective way of filtering water before it enters the household circuit. I have about 2.5Ha in a mountainous area are we pump water from the creek that forms our northern boundary. During the rain season, the creek naturally carries more sediment which inevitably gets into the water tank. I usually use "hin soum" (alum) as a flocculant to settle the sediment quickly but it still gets into the water lines occasionally and can cause issues, especially in the laundry.

The new house construction has been on hold for a while but I'm hoping to kick it off again within the next few weeks. One change that can/should at least partially resolve the dirty water problem is to change the plastic tanks to the stainless steel type that sit on a low stand. The outlet on the stainless steel tanks is higher than the plastic tanks and since they have a bowl-shaped base, the sediment should settle below the outlet level. Since these tanks also have a threaded fitting at the bottom, I can install a tap and short length of PVC here to drain off any settled sediment once a fortnight or so.

But I am also thinking of a filter and wondering if anyone else has used one? I am not talking about drinking water filters, but a larger filter that can be installed between the tank and the house (either before or after the demand pump), removing any sediment, algae and organic matter before the water gets into the house plumbing. At this stage, the only possibility I can think of is a swimming pool filter. Does anyone have any comments or suggestions?
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