Water Tank Height, Litres per minute, pipe diameter

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Re: Water Tank Height, Litres per minute, pipe diameter

Postby arranp » Tue Feb 03, 2015 10:35 am

thank you.

thank you for the offer but that work I would like to do for myself because I like to learn. I like to know what i don't know, the effort is first in finding out what i don't know.

i remember seeing an example diagram somewhere on my surfing that also describes the process like you mention.

nowi know imperial is OD and metric ID and fittings are 1/2 inch or 15 mm, i will go back to home pro to buy 4m length of 1 inch and a 4m length of 1/2 inch to use to conduct my flow rate experiment with.

solar is to generate hydrogen for my car to use for running the kids back and to to school, and travelling around the island. but thats stage 2, stage 1 is to get the house onto clean energy.
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