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Perimeter Wall Construction


These shots show the techniques used for perimeter wall construction in this project. The perimeter wall heights vary, up to a height off 2 m. There are support columns spread equidistantly at appx. 2.5 m. The columns are poured after and around the adjacent block work, with a 'tie in' piece of rebar crossing through the column. Color pigment was added during the application of the final render coat for a paintless surface.

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Site Preparation and Management


Materials (as well as equipment) are kept out of the elements so they don't degrade. The grounds are initially treated for underground insects, such as termites.

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Deep Water Artesian Well


The 6" bore holes were dug to a depth of over 30 m. A high quality franklin submersible pump is set in the bottom of each bore hole. The water flow rate was tested and easily passed the guaranteed minimum of 2000 liters per hour.

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Last additions - Chok Dee General
The Well Digging RigNot fancy but effective.dozerSep 27, 2011
Bore hole being drilleddozerSep 27, 2011
Standard bore hole drill bitsdozerSep 27, 2011
Diamond bit rock drillA diamond drill bit suitable for underground rocks and obstructions.dozerSep 27, 2011

Random files - Chok Dee General
Research - Color PigmentColoration of the render coat is impacted by a number of factors - the color of the fine aggregate sand use, the color of the cement, and the amount and ratios of pigment, cement, sand and water used. There several hundred test batches done to ensure the resultant color would match the design. This shows some test batches where color render was applied to cinderblocks.dozer
Footing frame baseThe framework base for the footings made out of 6 mm rebar.
Rebar Framework for Top BeamThe rebar used in the top beam is 2 strands of 9mm rebar with 'chain' sections to keep the bars equidistant.dozer
Form work for ground beamThe wood form work to support the pour of the ground beam which sits on the footing. The ground beam will be 10 centimeters wide by about 20 centimeters deep.
Storage Room Midway through a ProjectThe storage room will reach maximum capacity about 1/2 way through any given project. The 1/2 way point is about the time the exterior roof is completed. After this some materials can be kept in the house.dozer
High volume flowThis shows the flow out of the pump of plot 4. This flow rate is about 3000 or more liters per hour. dozer
Bad Cement - Expiration DateCement bags normally have a production date somewhere on there. If you can find it, it makes your job easier during purchasing, as you can check it then.dozer
Color Render ExperimentationHere is some color render being experimented on a larger scale. This gives a better idea of how the final appearance will be.dozer