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Main Structure


This house was done with budget materials such as the prefabricated post columns. The workmanship was OK, but I wouldn't use the synthetic sheet roofing again. It tends not to hold up over time and can develop surface cracks if over tightened during installation. This will eventually be reworked with regular cement tiles, or a metal roof.

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Perimeter Wall


I was impressed with the perimeter wall team, the labor at the time was 900 per 2.5 meter section and the work was pretty good. Pattaya prices for labor are much more dear, perhaps 500 per linear meter for a 2 meter tall wall. The village wall has held up well over the years.

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dozerAug 05, 2013
The poured lateral strength support member, called สเต ดึง เสา ไว้ (stay dung sow wai) beam which holds column in place. dozerSep 28, 2011
3 hun (9 mm) the specification of the metal strength. For higher grade metals they will have the strength specification imprinted on the metal surface, in this case SR 24. dozerSep 28, 2011
The upper ring beam partial pour. There are two pieces of 3 hun with the support being 2 hun. dozerSep 28, 2011

Random files - Village House
More work on the roof. The cross members are set in place. The helper in blue is holding the ground while the foreman welds. dozer
Cinder block wall prior to render. Note that he columns were poured after the blocks were laid to prevent cracking/weakness at the junction. dozer
The interior after the pour of the floor and walls rendered. The floor was poured 8 - 10 cm and broomed rough in preparation for floor tiles. dozer
Interior wall with electric sunken electric junction box. One row above the box there is a poured ring beam to add strength. dozer
Attaching the grc synthetic corrugated roofing board to the roof structure. Brand of roofing was Elephant, thickness 5 mm. Notice the parallel metal c sections used to form the gutter in the roof valley. dozer
On 40 meter section prior to completion. dozer
Fill Brought InShows the level of the dirt raised after fill is brought in via a tractor. The tractor was 500 per hour. dozer