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Original Coolthaihouse SectionThis is the original content of coolthaihouse that went live on the 20th of April, 2004. The site was created to show information on Dozer's building experiences of building and construction in Thailand. When the house was started there was little or no information on the web other than some foreigners wanting to 'help sort you out'.
House ConstructionSome of the house projects (excluding the original cool thai house) that we (MsDozer and Dozer) have done.
Renovations and MaintenanceFrom Condo renovations to home maintenance. Maintenance is the one thing that is a constant in building, whether it be a house or condo.
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Krisida Condo


The extent of this project in early 2006 was to take a darkly painted and tiled condo and loosen it up a bit. The carpet structures in the bedrooms were removed and replaced with synthetic wood flooring, the original textured paint was stripped to the walls and repainted with high quality semi gloss, and the original tiles were removed and replaced.

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Kiang Talay Condo


This condo was remodeled in just under 4 days prior to the beginning of the 'quiet period' where no remodeling is allowed for 3 months. The working hours in the condo during which any noise can be made are from 11 AM until 4 PM Monday through Friday. Almost everyday at about 3:50PM this crazy german guy (resident only) would come to the room demanding we stop right then and there as his watch said 4 PM. Yes, yes, the tiler is going to be finished in about 5 minutes.... no stop now..... (and some people claim all the crazies end up in Pattaya, I think this was just a coincidence!!) The main thing done in the condo was stripping out the old carpet and wall paper and completely retiling with heavy Granito tiles. The tiles are laid in 'dry pack' fashion with a layer of dry mix concrete put down, the tile set into position and then re picked up and adhesive slurry is applied and the tile is then laid back into its final place.

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View Talay 2 Condo


This project took about 3 weeks and involved stripping the current bathroom down to the bare concrete and totally re finishing it. The floor was flintkoted prior to any new tiles being laid. Wall tiles and floor tiles were laid. The sink was removed and and new undermount sink was installed under a granite counter. Electric control box was installed. The tub was removed and replaced with a custom shower enclosure. An area in the bathroom was plumbed for a washing machine.

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Finished roof, view from right front.dozer
Boon Mee
Central Walkway Showing Formworkchangnoi
Air Powered Nail GunEvery wood worker will have an air powered nail gun. They shoot small nails into the wood and affix to the sheetrock gypsum board. It is a pretty effective way of attaching trim wood that is used universally in Thailand.dozer
TerraceWe've turned this area into an upstairs outdoor terrace, overtop of the garage. Originally it was just a flat top roof (Waisted Space) of the garage/car park below. I had the roof/floor tiled and a sloping roof instaled overtop. The underside of the C-Pac roof tiles were to have been covered in 10 mm teak T & G, however with teak prices having skyrocketed over the past 7 years I had the underside of the C-Pac roof tiles painted a teak color and the steel support beams, painted dark oak. It works.1 commentsverticalift
Primed and Painted Roof MetalEach piece of roof metal is painted first with a primer coat and then sealed for maximum rust protection. This is a precaution which should be taken since the integrity of the metal is important in regards to the strength of the roof structure.dozer
staking out the pondShastadad
the Thai family areasmak dab across field is big Aunty hse, up horizontal road by 3 houses is MTW family & all around r cuz's. So lots of SadiKa's between Aunty hse & the site. Sized based on Auntys' but went to two floors so room space about same but leaves some area to park, keep chickens, barbque, and maybe garden. Sized by tile count at 1/3 m per tile. Story goes Aunty wanted this plot but owner no sell at that time.otis-a