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Feedback: Thai Buyer’s Building Story

feedback from Anuwat C

I cannot recall how I came across your website, I find it very informative in deed, especially to those who determine to build one of his own. I am a 52-year old Thai but I have never had such experienced like yours. I bought my house in late 1997, the year of financial crisis in the region, luckily enough the deal was with a very good term. The house is about 150 sq.m. (total of 2 storeys) on a 115 sq.Wah x 4 sq.m./sq.Wah land plot, and located in the western suburb of Bangkok. I still believe it was the best choice made after my wife and I spent 2 years travelling around Bangkok to inspect several sites, their surroundings, and to learn about the developers/builders. We avoided those who spent a fortune on the ads or on the massive Roman style entry gate.

The house was handed over to me 2 years later, in general the workmanship was above average comparing to my previous house in Banchang Rayong, and comparing to all the sites we had inspected. They had established their own QC whose result is good.

A close friend of mine had quite a similar quest like yours. He took off building his house 9 years ago and always had different problems to tell colleagues about, it took him 6 years to complete (may be only 97%complete). He still has to do fix-ups here and there from time to time up to this rainy season.

Last year he went on building a 40-room dorm and the same story started again.

Have a nice day! Anuwat

What comes across from your narrative is that you did research before you bought. It is a great way to do it! Good point about the massive advertising budgets of some developers. After all, if the houses are really good and priced right they should sell with a minimum of effort. Thanks.

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