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image 6rai_74x137vue1.jpgI’ve been busy preparing my 6 rai single story house building project. At the same time Robin T has been giving me some good design ideas for a nice open airy 6 rai attached house ‘open common area’ design.

Unfortunately, I’m falling into the divide and conquer mentality which plagues so many Thai developments. Have you ever noticed how closely houses are placed, even in luxury developments? Robin’s design would incorporate a common area with lots of open space, which from a design and aesthetics point of view is clearly more desirable than my approach.

Here is the clincher: risk control and money management. I’m going to be building at the low end of the price scale. The goal: offer high quality well built single family homes in a nice location (East Pattaya) starting from well under 2 million baht. Details are still being flushed out at this point.

One thing for certain, doing a well planned out community approach would involve a lot more capital than my small budget allows. Apartments, condos, townhouses all need to be completely finished out prior to getting any money coming back in. Single houses can be built ‘as you go’, so the only budget really needed is the land, road, exterior wall and the first couple of houses.

More on to my idea. There will be various land sizes and quality options, bronze, silver and gold. The main difference here is that bronze will be constructed from cement block, silver will be from red brick and the gold will either be super block or double wall construction with foam insulation.

The houses will be on various size lots from 60 sq wah to about 80 sq wah. There will be a small common area (about 1/2 rai) in the middle which has a pool and sitting area. There will be some minimal maintenance fees to support the pool area.

The main beauty of the whole project will be this –> affordable single family homes that are done to top quality standards, ie. no corner-cutting. There just aren’t that many new well built reasonably priced houses being built around here!

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